*...A City Of Darkness...*

Late night game hides late night shame. In desperation the weak fall prey. A city sleeps while dreamers weep. The evil comes what may.

 Faces masked and feigned by casts. Of shadows that lay still. A soul that's weak so faintly speaks. And spirits try to kill. Mourning broke a quiet cloak. Like a blanket of broken stars. And ever more the cycle spins. And bleeding turns to scars. Were angels to come down among us. And softly walk with grace. Were empathy a gift we've given. A saviour for this place. Would all the darkness fall? Just as the leaves return to soil? Would broken promises lay cold? And trust return to foil? To forgive and to love unerring. To walk away from needless fights. To rise to glowing moon and in the heaven's take your flight. To bask in sweet surrender and find what ere you will. To give and give again, love I wish you will. To give and give again. Love. I wish you will.

Copyright Roxx Hunter 2018.