*...It's A Small World After All...* 

 This week I was in a small community in the Yukon called Ross River. I was there backing up a guy who was performing some music for the kids in the schools, and we did a small 3-school tour to 3 communities. It's a lot of driving through some pretty amazing scenery and all kinds of weather. So one morning, and morning is always way to early for someone on musician hours, I met this guy and somehow randomly we started talking about travel. It turns out he had lived right beside the hotel I played at in Shanghai and him and his wife would go there every Friday, and this was when I was playing there in the Pub. They knew all the people I worked for and with. Now, Shanghai is really big so that was a bit of a trip. The odds of meeting someone thousands of miles away from China in a small, remote community in the Yukon, who you had probably met before was crazy. Reminded me of the flip side, being in Oman, on a night off checking out the hot band down the street. I was wearing a Yukon brewing toque and the bassist saw it and commented he had been there. After a while we pieced together we had played the same music festival, and not only that, my band was right after his band. And the guitar players in both bands were childhood friends. Sometimes it really is a small world after all. I can't wait to get back out and travel and play music for new audiences. In the meantime, up to show number 69 of the year and paying my dues...

*...Spakoynay Nochi Sundays...* 

 Late night Saturday sitting here on my bed eating oranges and grapes and going over original music for a show coming up. Looking to debut a bunch of new songs. Came across this one that I really dig, and hope you'll dig it too. I had just wrote it when I recorded it and put it on YouTube. If and when I do a proper version in the studio, it will have a few more flourishes and flash. But, as is, I think it's pretty. There's a few newer songs I'm looking to try out with a band. I still don't feel like I've ever done a show of my own music that has lived up to my dream, due to lack of the right players being available, time constraints, budget etc, but I'll keep swinging and eventually and piece by piece, show by show, it's coming together. In the meantime, enjoy the tune and check out the tuning!
Spakoynay Nochi,


*...Attitude For Gratitude...* 

 We're so lucky to have the Jarvis Street Saloon in Whitehorse. It has the biggest dance floor, biggest stage, holds a lot of people, and when you play there you get Roly on sound and he's amazing. You can actually turn up your amps and really play. It's hard sometimes in smaller clubs to get into it cause it's so quiet. I hope everyone keep supporting live music and original music. I know it was a challenge after Debbie who's vision started it, passed away. Here's all the clubs like this all over the world that still hire bands!
 Special thanks to everyone who came out last night to the blues show. Thanks to Wayne and Cripps for making up an awesome trio! Special thanks to the cute brunette and blonde, for dancing and smiling, making my job the best in the world! Thanks to Gregory for the hang and John Lee and Barry 'Jack' Jenkins for gracing the stage...Check out the backdrop ; ) Gonna have a bigger, badder backdrop with lights coming soon. Off to a rehearsal then two shows on Sunday...
UNfaithfully Yours,


*...Friday Night Blues...* 

 Friday night I'm playing the blues, digging deep and got a killer a band. The show is at the Jarvis Street Saloon (aka the 202) and starts at 9pm. It's the biggest dance floor in town and the biggest stage, plus Roly is on sound and lights. Joining me will be the amazing Wayne Smyth on drums, Adam Cripps on bass and David Sutton keys. We'll be tipping the cap to all the blues greats, past and present! It's only $5 to get it, bring yer dancing shoes!

*...Monday Morning Coming Down The Line...* 

 Just posted a LOT of new shows so be sure and mark your calendar! Also got new business cards and doing up new posters for music lessons. Been in the studio pulling some late hours but should have music to share with you very soon. Starting work on my album at Brown Dog Studios. As well as laying down guitar and bass parts on Rick Sward's album, which is sounding killer! Writing up a storm and these last few days I've been really digging Phil Keaggy. There's a lot of random concerts so I'll just pick one at random to share. He is a true master of the acoustic guitar! Hope you are all doing well.

*...Happy Birthday Mr President!...* 

 Happy Birthday to my friend Adam MacLeod who co-wrote and recorded this song with me. It's a rocker. Once you're done listening to it, you can buy it on this site, and support original, Yukon grown music. It has a big ass guitar solo and Daniel Dunphy (from Mr. Vein) on drums. Turn it up real loud!

*...S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night...* 

 Played a fun show with Brandon Isaak Thursday night. Wrote a new song that day and debuted it. I like that he's fearless and will push himself. I've played with so many people who would be like "No, we gotta rehearse it for 8 billion weeks". People really dug it and we closed out the night jamming. Played some killer bass for 4/20. Now gearing up for a Soul Migration show tonight. And a reminder I'm still teaching on the side so if you want guitar or bass lessons, hit me up!
Keep Your Stick On The Ice,


*...Blues For Daze...* 

 Got an email from my friend Brandon Isaak who's back in town doing two concerts at the Transportation Museum (this cool place that sometimes has concerts), and he asked me to sit in with him for his acoustic show. Been sitting here trying to write a blues number for it. Brandon is world class and it's always a pleasure listening to him play the blues. I have to bring my A game for sure. Also, Friday is 4/20 and that means playing with Rick Sward and a fabulous band, I'll be on bass for that one, maybe even upright. Saturday is Soul Migration at the Jarvis Street Saloon, and we have new songs. Also, if you have any classical or big band music you wanna get rid of on vinyl, please pass it along!



*...Been Up All Nite With My Guitar...* 

 Coming up to the weekend which starts now (Thursday), and there's 4 shows coming down the line. All of these are different styles and vibes, so it should be fun. Saturday's gig is up in Dawson, my home away from home. Also, getting close to finishing up another music course. I have two courses on my site here that are worth checking out if you wanna level up in music. They all have examples, quizzes and everything in them is something you can start using right away in your playing. There's a lesson on Intervals and another one on scales and keys. This new one is on triads (smaller chords). You can go from knowing no triads to knowing a LOT, all over the neck and how to use them for lead and rhythm playing.

 The last thing is that I will be offering a Sip & Strum guitar class at the end of the month. Wanna learn guitar but intimidated by lessons or want something more relaxed? Let's learn guitar and enjoy some wine at the same time! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Always Grateful,




 There's so many things killing the music industry right now: lack of payment from streaming, not many people paying for music, lack of venues to pay, lower pay at these venues and etc. But one of the biggest contributing factors is over-saturation. Everyone has a CD and a band. There are still great bands out there and people who are lifers, but now there are a lot of people who are just not very good. I've noticed a trend lately and that is when a new venue pops up, that they will hire just about anyone, regardless of whether they can play, know any songs, or can work a PA. Because there is no stage or lights, the music is just off in the corner, and they keep hiring these people, like in a big rotation. So it devalues the work of professionals like me. But I'm sure with over 7 billion people on the planet that everything is saturated. I just know these days I hustle a lot more than I ever had to do, just to make a buck. Just a hard road when there's so much mediocre and sub par performers who are killing live music. But here's a cheers to the bands and performers out there killing it every night! Practice, study, learn songs, know your audience, read the crowd and smile...Anyway, playing tonight in Whitehorse with a piano player and bassist if you're around. I feel like hell (cough and low energy) but the show must go on!


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