*...Ivan Aid...* 

 Ran into my friend Rob, at the Ginger Jam, and saw this shirt that I didn't even know existed. A while back they had a fundraiser for the one and only Ivan Zenovitch, who we all know and love. Ive moved down to Vancouver and I miss seeing him and playing music with him. He always reminded me that music should be fun and guitars were meant to be played. I think Ivan Aid should be a yearly thing, and Bergfest, which was a fundraiser for Bruce Bergman...Anyway, random thoughts on a Sunday night. I'm uploading the mixed/mastered tracks from my Jazz in the Hall concert a few months ago, and might even compile it into a live CD. You can buy these tracks, and it helps me out. I know most people don't pay for music anymore, but if you want people to continue to write and put out new music you gotta support it! Also, will be posting my upcoming shows, got some sets at a festival, a big city event and etc...Stay tooned!

*...Times Like These...* 

*...Read a quote that said "Done is better than perfect..." This was after staying up til 6am writing this song. I could have stopped but then it might not have been finished...This song has a catchy chorus... Lyrics: "...Everyone points the finger, and it's guided by hate. The media sells it and you take the bait. Can't see the truth because you're blinded by the lies. It's time to wake up, it's time to realize... Don't wanna be a victim no more, don't wanna be led by the hand. The beast is a rising. It's time to take a stand... C'mon. Stand Up. Don't let em try to to bring you down. C'mon. Get Up. Aint nobody gonna keep you down... And it's times like these, times like these we need love. And it's times like these, times like these rise above... A house that's divided, is a house that's easy to rule. You think that you're clever, they're just playing you for a fool. Open your eyes, see the bed you're sleeping in. We're so close to ruin, seems like we'll never win... Don't wanna be walking around, just another face in the crowd. The clock's turning midnight, it's time to shout it out loud... C'mon. Stand Up. Don't let em try to to bring you down. C'mon. Get Up. Aint nobody gonna keep you down... And it's times like these, times like these we need love. And it's times like these, times like these rise above... And it's times like these, times like these we need love. And it's times like these, times like these rise above... And it's times like these, times like these we need love. And it's times like these, times like these rise above..." Words/Music by Roxx Hunter. Copyright Roxx Hunter 2018. SOCAN....*

*...Desings, Designs, Everywhere Designs...* 

 Hoping everyone across the globe had a great weekend, or for my friends in the Middle East, that you have a great weekend coming up. I'm almost finished a really cool music course that I'll be posting soon, to go along with my courses on Scales, and Intervals. If you really wanna know what's going on musically, I'd suggest you check these out. They are easy to understand, and cover a lot of ground. There are question and answer parts, homework etc. The one I am working on right now is on Triads. Also, had posted a new song for you to buy on here, and on YouTube I posted a few new songs. Will be slowly updating this site, each time I tweak is just a bit more, plus adding a bunch of live shows: classical, jazz, rock, blues etc. Thanks for checking back here!

*...Like A Breath In The Cold...* 

Posted a new song today from the studio called Watching The River Flow. This song is all about sitting down with a guitar, watching the river flow and contemplating life. For those us currently living on Hoth, err I mean the Yukon, that's not possible when it's -30 outside. It's more of a song about summer time. Check it out on the music page and if you like it please toss some coin into the cup so I can keep on writing and recording...Lyrics: “I sat down today, and I was high. My woman left me but I couldn't cry. So I just sat there and let it go. Strumming my guitar, watching the river flow...Feel my heartbeat and I wonder why. We're born to live to and live to die. And time goes by like a breath in the cold. And I'm just sitting here, growing old...Can't see the sky when I'm falling down. Spinning my wheels in this nowhere town. Like a road I'm gonna keep on turning. On my way to where the fire is burning. Shine a light and come and rescue me. Take me away and set me free...Play on child...It's been a long time since the sunshine came. The clouds roll by and drop the rain. The wind it blows, so cold on my face. And all this heartache I wish I could replace...I may be broken but I'm never down. Heavy is the head that has to wear the crown. And if you think that I'll be on my knees. I'm not the one who'll be begging please. I'm gonna soar so you can watch me fly. I'll ramble on til the day I die...Fly on child..." Words/Music by Roxx Hunter. Copyright Roxx Hunter 2016. SOCAN....*

*...The Ballad of Stormin' Norman...* 

 Sitting at the airport about to flay back from Vancouver and read the news my friend Stormin' Norman Jack passed away. He was one of those people who always made you feel good, just being around him. And I think he played even longer sets than I do, just cause he loved playing music...Rest easy my friend. Came back and then packed up and headed to an out of town show. 5 hour drive later, set up, sound check, dinner, nap and then show. Rocked it then went to bed and drove back home. Today playing at a small club here in town. Been a long few weeks but the show must go on...

*...Big City Lights...* 

Had to fly down to Vancouver unexpectedly as I got the call at 4am that my brother had a heart attack and was being medivaced (air ambulance) to Vancouver. With the help of some friends got a ticket and was on a flight by 5pm. Lots of people have been asking how to donate. Since I don't like money for nothing, you can always go to my music page and buy some songs (you'll see a purchase track option). That way you get something...Thanks for all the prayers and support. It sucks but he's in a good place and healing...

*...If And Only (Ohh Rocky)...* 

Ever wish you were Lloyd holding up a boombox and she was Diane?
 "Love I get so lost, sometimes days pass and this emptiness fills my heart. When I want to run away I drive off in my car, but whichever way I go I come back to the place you are. All my instincts, they return and the grand facade, so soon will burn. Without a noise, without my pride I reach out from the inside. In your eyes the light the heat. In your eyes I am complete. In your eyes I see the doorway to a thousand churches. In your eyes the resolution of all the fruitless searches..."
 Or like KC Chapman..."..driving, driving in your car, speeds so fast it felt like I was drunk. And the city lights laid our before us and your arms felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder..."

Off to bed, lots of gigs and rehearsals this weekend. And please keep checking out my music, on here (stream and buy) and YouTube.

*...Selling The Dream, But Who's Buying?...* 

 This past week I sold about $60 worth of my music on here. It's really cool anytime someone spends their hard-earned cash on something cause it moves them, and even cooler when that something happens to be something you helped create. It's even more cool cause I don't have a CD out (yet) and this is pretty much the only place you can buy my music. I will have CDs finished in a while, but until such time I don't wanna be posting about it and crying wolf. As I finish songs and release them, you'll be the first to know. I have a few songs on here that will be on my albums, some live stuff, and some really cool, left-field music that won't be on any albums in the near future. I'm getting a lot of steady traffic and will be adding new songs soon. Speaking of adding, will have new shows up, for those of you close enough to check it out..In the meantime, please check out my music. There's gotta be something there you like...I prefer having it on here, so you can find everything and when you do purchase a song, no one else takes a cut, which is what helps me pay the bills and keep on writing and recording...Thanks for the support!
Here's a cool song to check out. Metal! \m/

*...Going Up Around The Bend...* 

So Frostbite is happening again, here in the Yukon. It used to be a really big thing and they are reviving it. Seems to have a good buzz and a good group of people at the helm this time around. I played the festival once a long, long time ago backing up my friend Nicole Edwards (my cheque bounced that year but I met Rick Sward and we've been playing music ever since and having amazing adventures and crazy gigs, so you win some, you lose some :) Two years ago when they tried reviving it I got to play in my own all-original band, soul migration, and with someone else. I never played the old incarnation cause this stodgy fellow and lady, wouldn't hire me for any shows they produced. Why? I have no idea. I'd even play with them at jam nights but when push came to shove they excluded me.Thankfully they're no longer involved and the green light is mine. My advice, if you aint in a clique, just keep doing your thing and it will all come back around, or you'll go up around the bend...
 Looking forward to the festival and having my friend Cripps back on stage with me playing bass. He's amazing. Speaking of, Jimmy D Lane is playing the festival as well and he's played with everyone famous. Hoping I can drag him on stage for my set to jam out a song. I played bass for him once. The dude can play the blues...Now if you'll excuse me, got a lot of paperwork to do: out of town shows coming up for the next few weekends. Fingers crossed for more!...




*...The Pick Of Destiny...* 

 Came home from co-hosting the always wild, Ginger Jam, here in Whitehorse and decided to record a video of this rock/pop song I wrote recently. There's a story behind the lyrics but I figure I'll just let you listen to the song and see how and if it moves you, or evokes a feeling. Right now it's almost 4am and as I look out onto a foggy, snow covered street in Whitehorse, the weather app says it's -37C outside. That's cold. For the most part, life goes on here, but it is dangerous when you're out on the highways. I've traveled in -50C to get to a gig and if we'd have crashed it would have been the ultimate survival. Stay warm and if you're in a warm place, get some sun for me. Here's the lyrics to this song.

 "I miss the way you held me every night. I miss the way you touch me ohh so right. I miss the way you made me part of you. Now that you're gone, no one else will ever do... Why do you make me feel blue and gray? I wish I had the words to say... You picked me up, with your hands you held me close. You picked me up, don't ever let me go. You picked me up, and it felt like we were one. Now you're gone, and I pick none... I miss the way you used to make me sing. I miss the way you made me feel like I was everything. I miss the closeness that I felt in your embrace. The music that we made put the smile upon my face... Why does it feel so empty now? If I could find a way, somehow... You picked me up, with your hands you held me close. You picked me up, don't ever let me go. You picked me up, and it felt like we were one. Now you're gone, and I pick none... You picked me up, with your hands you held me close. You picked me up, don't ever let me go. You picked me up, and it felt like we were one. Now you're gone, and I pick none..." Words/Music by Roxx Hunter. Copyright Roxx Hunter 2017. SOCAN.


February Fever Drag Contest and Dance Party

 —  —

Shipyards Park, 2nd Ave, Whitehorse

Presented by Velvet Antler Productions In partnership with Queer Yukon and Canadian Filipino Association of Yukon Rendezvous’s first ever drag contest! Join us at this all-inclusive competition showcasing northern diversity, self-expression, and individuality. However you identify, come show off your true colours as you compete to find out who is the most Cunning, unique, brave, and talented. Advanced tickets are $20 and available at the YSR office or online at yukonrendezvous.com. Tickets at the door are $25. Location: Shipyards Park– Ice Wireless Performance Tent

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