*...Jagermeister Returns...* 

 Friday night at the Local Bar (the old 202), Jagermeister takes the stage. We won an award once, won a battle of the bands, we used to play this club called Foxy's and our Thursday night shows we're the busiest. We played another joint called Flippers and it was the same deal. We played a few parades (in summer and winter), birthday parties (even for Canada), and a wedding. You'd think this is a serious band, but it's just a fun side project for myself, Adam Cripps and Gabor Nagy. It's nice playing in a band that doesn't have to stick to one or two genres, we do them all. There's no band meetings or votes about songs. If someone wants to play a song we play it, be it a cover or original. Everyone in that band can play the hell out of their instrument and we all get our moments to shine. There's lots of jamming that goes on when we let loose on stage. Chemistry, respect and Jagermeister make for some fun nights of music in the Yukon. Hope to see you all out.
~That Guitar Guy~


 Started writing a song last night and got it finished and recorded and online all before the stroke of midnight on Christmas. Check it out here and on YouTube! It's a song about a pissed of Santa who doesn't forget, and it's a metal tune and tribute to Slayer. I want Tom Araya to record the vocals. This is also for those of you who think I've gone soft, as my songs lately have been a bit more mellow. I'm still hard as a rock ; )
Lyrics: "I had a dream of dying elves, candy cane covered death. Santa stood there laughing, there was whiskey on his breath. The reindeer all hung by fire, black smoke rising higher and higher. A mad man dressed in red and white, coming down your chimney tonight... Santa sleighs...All around the world. Santa sleighs...Every boy and girl... He sees you when you're sleeping, doesn't like when you're awake. Knows if you've been naughty or nice, and he decides your fate. Nobody ever sees him coming, it's like he's cast a spell. He takes on Jesus Christ, he's a Christmas saint from hell... Santa sleighs...All around the world. Santa sleighs...Every boy and girl... He's got a list and he's checking it twice, you better pray he's jolly. Comes for you in the still of the night, leather boots and boughs of holly. Not a creature's stirring, as he fills his magic sack. Shouts Merry Christmas, but you know he's coming back... Santa sleighs...All around the world. Santa sleighs...Every boy and girl... Santa sleighs...All around the world. Santa sleighs...Every boy and girl..." Words/Music by Roxx Hunter Copyright Roxx Hunter 2018. SOCAN.

Keep Your Stick On The Ice,


*...The Shortest Day...* 

 Solstice is here, the darkest day of the year. We only see the sun for a few hours, but then the days get longer. I'm playing tonight, in Whitehorse, with Rick Sward. We have a Solstice/Christmas party. We play a lot of original music, requests and we bicker. Our shows are as good as any other show cause musically, when we decide to play, we kick the hell out of every song we do. It's a musical experience, not just two guys playing songs. Rick is the best rhythm player in town and he lets me really step up and do my thing. I'll also be playing Sunday night at the Gold Pan Saloon with Kim Rogers, lots of Rock and I'm looking forward to that...Nothing else booked so far for the rest of the year, but some possible recording dates...Be good to each other!

*...Whose Boots Have Bed Been Under...* 

 Thanks to the Yukon Outfitters Association for a really fun evening. Whiskey Flats had the dance floor packed and lots of guests, including Clint from Yukon Jack. Looking ahead am playing Friday night at the Local Bar (the 202) with girl rockers Shagadelica, Saturday night at the Local Bar with Whiskey Flats, and Sunday night at Whiskey Jacks with Rick Sward. Thanks also for checking out, and buying, my new music and my music lessons...More coming down the line...

*...Saddle Up...* 

There's a new country band in Whitehorse called Whiskey Flats, ready to deliver a boot scootin' good time all across the North. New country, old country, all country in between. Wayne Smyth is on drums, Alex Giczi and yours truly on electric guitar. Kim Rogers on Vocals and acoustic guitar. Pam Phillips on bass and vocals, and Adam Easton on guest vocals. There is a Facebook page and we will make more of an online presence in the weeks to come, Our debut is this Saturday at the Yukon Outiftter's Fall Roundup dinner and dance. We have the amazing Mike Wilson on sound and should be a packed house. If you're on facebook go check out the page...

*...Braking News..* 

 Sitting here on either a very shaky bed or we're having a lot of small tremors...Anyway, the news I have it's not so groundbreaking. Was in the studio tonight and got some tunes finished, you can check em out on the music page...Spread the word if you dig...And I got given a CBC shirt the other day...random


A few weeks ago I got to meet Bumblefoot, again. I met him briefly standing in line for the Yngwie/Bumblefoot/Gary Hoey tour. This time, he was using one of my guitars for a show in town. I couldn't go to the show cause I had one of my own, but was cool to see my Breedlove in the hands of a master player. Super refreshing to meet someone who has fame but is humble. The meeting before that with another known musician that I had, was disappointing as the guy was kind of a douche, so hanging with Bumblefoot was refreshing. We just talked music and he jammed a bit...Anyway, busy weekend of rehearsals and shows. Rocking the big stage at the KDCC tonight with Shagadelica. Then Sunday at Whiskey Jacks with Rixxx.

*...F-R-I-D-A-Y Night Lights...* 

 Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy rehearsing for some big upcoming shows, and had 4 shows last weekend. Only 2 shows on tap this weekend. Friday night playing bass and Saturday playing guitar. Also, some people browse this sight that I wish they wouldn't but there is nothing I can fucking do about it. The nature of social media...See you around, be sure and check out my shows...And hit me up for lessons, in person or online. Got some amazing students right now!

*...The Time Just Slips Away...* 

 Monday night, sitting alone in a room, with my busted-up Fender Stratocaster, working on my John Mayer/R&B style guitar playing with my fingers. Letting it all go. Monday washes away with an unseen tide, off to a sea of eternity, and stars shine faintly overhead...Cheers to the dreamers in all of us...


*...Sunshine Knockin' On My Window...* 

 Saturday night I was on stage playing bass with Jeff Martin of the Tea Party on one of the biggest stages around. If you'd have asked me a few weeks ago if I'd ever play with Jeff Martin I would have probably not even responded. I got an email followed by a list of songs to learn, and they were tricky to learn, and this was only a few days before the show. The deal was to learn the songs and then meet Jeff at Soundcheck and we'd run through the songs, and if he liked it, we got the job. I was tapped to play bass and Lonnie Powell was picked for drums. I worked my ass off on these tunes, doing it the old school way, playing a song at half speed, putting the digital needle back (aka the cursor), until I had it. Was an interesting experience, myself and Lonnie went on stage and killed it, playing the last two songs and then the encore (which turned into a crazy jam). It was some late nights, on top of rehearsals and shows. Wasn't all work, had a wonderful dinner and wine with three burlesque dancers at my place eating curry dinner from the legendary Starfire restaurant in Skagway, Alaska. Played a killer show with Shagadelica (packed bar, and everyone hanging off every note), had a fun trio gig with Ben Mahony and Patrick Singh, got some new students and spent Saturday night after the show on a couch listening to Glen Miller on vinyl...Special shoutout to the True Romance dancer...Cue the song In Dreams by John Waite..

© Roxx Hunter 2018