*...Go KingSwardFish...* 

KingSwardFish returns for 2 nights at the Local Bar! Friday June 11th and Saturday June 12th. Original Reggae, Ska, Funk, Swing and more. Plus covers that span almost any style. 
Good times and mediocre banter, and some bickering. Big stage, big lights. Dance, dance dance! 

Rick Sward - Vocals, Guitar 
Roxx Hunter - Vocal, Guitar 
Jamie Pickard - Bass, Mustache 
Guy Chan - Drums, Vocals

Livin' La Vida Meh,

*...No Cover No Cry...* 

Since Covid times have been hard, I've decided to forgo Tickets/Cover for this show. That being said, there will be a donation/tip jar at the front of the stage and if you have the means, or feel moved, you can pay what you will. All the money goes to the band and they've been working hard to make it all come together. 

Event Details: 
Roxx Hunter brings his fiery Rock, Blues, and Global music inspired guitar playing to the Local Bar on May 28th, for a night heavy on originals and some classic covers you never hear live. Backed by a band of some of the finest musicians around, you can groove to the sounds of Katie Hunter on Organ and Keys, the amazing Adam Cripps on Bass, Guy Chan on drums, and Gary Lachance on acoustic guitar and backing vocals. You'll hear original music about life, heartache, loss, good times, and wandering the world, plus covers from artists as diverse as Prince, Tracy Chapman, Bruce Cockburn, Lou Reed, and more. Other surprises and special guests on tap...One night only, starting at 9pm sharp, on a big stage with big sound and big lights (and we're recording!). 

*Roxx Hunter has traveled the globe playing bass and guitar, working with Grammy Award winning, Multi-Platinum, and Juno award winners. His music has racked up over 150,000 plays online and has been covered by other artists. He's been on International and National TV, and recorded with award winning artists, both locally and far away.


See ya there,

*...Really Mediocre Shoe...* 

*...Playing at the Jarvis Street Saloon on May 28th in Whitehorse. Originals and covers with a smokin' band on a big stage, with big sound and big lights! Mark it down and stay tuned. More details coming soon...* (Picture taken from my hotel/home in Shanghai, looking out on the city skyline)

Stay Sexy,


*...To The Far Far Side...* 

 RIP Michael Collins!

Sad to hear my favorite astronaut and one of my heroes has passed on. He goes to the far, far side of the moon now and beyond. May we always be filled with wonder and awe at the heaven's above and the infinite universe! And, if you have not seen it, I highly recommend the movie In The Shadow Of The Moon.

Here's a quote of his that is worth repeating: “I really believe that if the political leaders of the world could see their planet from a distance of, let’s say 100,000 miles, their outlook would be fundamentally changed. The all-important border would be invisible, that noisy argument suddenly silenced.”


*...Sorry Aboot That...* 

So now I can share a funny story: When I sat in the room with the surgeon and she told me I had cancer I'm pretty sure I did the most Canadian thing ever and apologized. Lol...Life has been challenging lately but if I can offer advice...Find something every day that makes you laugh. Find your faith. And listen to your favorite song in a dark room with your eyes closed. Keep prayers coming. Potential shows coming up. Fingers crossed and metal horns up.


*...Boredom Eats Me Like Cancer...* 

In October I was diagnosed with Cancer in my throat. Was a long wait until I had surgery in late March. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers! Sending strength to everyone out there fighting! Fuck Cancer!

*...Marching Into Battle...* 

Got a show coming up Saturday night and one later in the month! This past weekend was three shows (two of which were Sold Out) for the Yukon Rendezvous Festival. And they were filmed. Also, teaching a lot of bass and guitar lessons. Can always try and squeeze in some online lessons. And lastly, here's a video from a show last weekend with Cripps, Gabor and special guest Will on guitar (he just had turned 12). It's a song I wrote called Times Like These...Be sure and give it props...Hope you are well!

*...Who's The One That Makes You Happy...* 

Added 11 shows to the calendar (feels good) but that's for the entire year, usually that would be in one month. Lots of musicians are struggling so be sure and check in on them. Here at home it's -40C (that's really cold). Missing the beach on the Gulf of Oman, which is at the entrance to the Persian Gulf...This pandemic can f*ck off anytime soon. Will post more soon.
~ Roxx ~

*...January Made Me Shiver...* 

 No shows in January but still teaching and some possible shows in February and beyond! Be on the lookout on YouTube, and other social media platforms that still promote free speech. Really miss playing shows! Hope you all are well and safe! Keep practicing!