*...That Warblin' Moon...* 

 My friend Nicole passed away. Who is Nicole? One of the kindest, strongest people I have met. And how did we meet? A long time ago she was playing in a band with one of my first guitar heroes, a guy named Stu Davies (who had a red Joe Satriani guitar and could play Surfing With The Alien note for note). Their band and the band I was in shared rehearsal space. I got to know Nicole and she was very supportive. She hosted a youth jam and even though I was only a few years out of high school, I was helping her host.
 A little while later she asked me to play bass in her band. I went from playing the opening jam of a festival (before it actually started and only doing 3 songs) to being in one of the headlining acts in front of lots of people. No one knew me before that, but soon everyone knew me. Not sure why she took a chance with me, but am grateful she did. That was like going to music school, and Ivan the guitar player taught me so much about music, being kind and playing bass. Safe to say there'd be no Roxx Hunter without Nicole Edwards. We had some amazing shows, laughs, jams, and would always correspond to figure out what we were gonna wear on stage. I really thought she was going to the next level, but then she started getting sick and could no longer play. She still sang, but scaled down, and we did quite a few special shows, just the two of us.
 One rainy, summer's day, filled with mosquitoes and black flies, we waiting in her beautiful backyard in the Yukon for the sun to shine. It came out just long enough for us to film this song. A beautiful prayer that we all need right now. Take a moment and listen to it! You are finally free Nicole, your voice and soul. I love you and big hugs to Lee (love you)...

*...Fundrazor Deep Cuts...* 

My friend Maegan Garrett from Magean Garret Art (Facebook) and BeyondBlondeArt (Instagram) made these cool rocker prints. They are a 3 piece set and feature a bass player, guitar player, and drummer. They're big, bold, colorful and awesome! She had 10 sets ordered and decided to donate the proceeds to me, to help with costs of being off work from cancer surgery and healing. This has been my second major surgery in under 5 months. The sets are $200 each and there are 5 sets left. Message me if you would like a pair. They would look amazing in a studio, jam spot, teaching room, garage, living room, or bedroom. They can be shipped as well.
Support Real Art,





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*...There's A Hole In My Neck...* 

Not much to say, had an amazingly busy run of shows the last few weeks, criss-crossing the north! Most were sold out and the busiest I've ever seen these venues in my life. So that was good, some real magic. Survived my brush with a weed volcano en route to a very old village along a river called Champagne. There was swinging, moving, grooving, and lots of people happy to be dancing in the streets again. Also, had an amazing time recording for my friend Rick's album. His soon-to-be hit song called Crackhouse Burndown, the Yukon's unofficial anthem. It's sounding pretty damn tight...The big news is last week I went in and was put under for a few hours, for another surgery on my neck. Still dealing with cancer BS, but this should hopefully keep it far away for quite a while. My voice seems stronger than last time but overall it's kicking my ass...so laying low and rewatching classic movies like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Star Wars, Bond Movies, and etc, and sleeping a lot. Apologies for the lack of updates, feelin' like shit. Have lots of gigs in the horizon but that's to be determined on what my body says. Will be out rocking soon enough...
Keep It In The Pocket (like Charlie Watts),

*...Got My Gigs In A Stranglehold Baby...* 

 Thanks to Claire Ness and the Yukon Transportation Museum, The Village Bakery and Deli, and the J&S wedding, for the past 4 unforgettable shows. What fun. And I conquered a weed volcano...(I'll save that for the book). 5 shows coming up, in Dawson, Whitehorse, and Atlin. The 2 shows in Dawson are iffy due to forest fire activity. Playing a Casino and house party. Friday and Saturday it's Ride For Dad, a cancer fundraiser, which reminds me, FUCK Cancer! Saturday is the return of the Bobcats in Atlin...Stay safe and stay tuned for more music...
Light Up The Sky,

*...That's A Rapper...* 

 Just wrapped up 3 shows in 2 days (2 of which were SOLD OUT and the other was a wedding). Drove over 600km and was a lot of setting up gear and taking it down. Tired, but content. 5 shows coming up this week, barring Covid interruptions. Also, got stung for the first time in my life and it's now my mission for the complete and entire extermination of all wasps, everywhere around the world...
Stung Out,

*...I Need A Jambi...* 

Been a minute...Wrapped up filming of my solo, 1 hour set for a music festival, complete with production team, 3 cameras, and me with 3 guitars (Classical, Acoustic, and Electric). Hoping that makes the light of day. Always good to shake up a folk festival with some heavy unplugged rock that deals with the darker side of life. I started off with some of the more Global music, inspired by my world travels, then brought it heavy and ended with a long bluesy rock crescendo. Fingers crossed it makes the grade.
This past week I was set to hit the road and put some more miles on my guitar and wheels, and play 2 solo shows, but that was cancelled nearly last minute as there was a Covid outbreak. So that was a gut punch to the wallet and spirits. Normally the show always goes on, but these are special times. 4 shows this week, and hoping they roll on, roll on...
 Also be sure and check out the music on here and on YouTube. If you dig it, help out, by sharing it...Speaking of sharing, thanks for sharing your time with me and be good to each other...I'll share this amazing Chickenfoot concert with you...Enjoy!

*...Gonna Be Alnight...* 

Here's another live clip from a recent show, this one's a bouncy number called It's Gonna Be Alright. Featuring the amazing Guy Chan on drums and Adam Cripps on the bass! This was filmed at the amazing Local Bar. Got some more updates coming soon and some more show announcements...
Tune in,


*...Head In The Sand Bag...* 

Here's a video from a recent concert. It's called Times Like These, and was recorded in Whitehorse at the Local Bar. Covid rules were in place so no one could dance, which always makes for a weird feeling, but a good time was had by all. Hope you'll check it out and the lyrics. Stay safe and be kind wherever you are in this big ol' world...

*...Lazy Summer Daze...* 

 Haven't had much going on so forgive the updates. Covid is spiking here in my corner of the globe, which is funny as most everyone is vaccinated. Makes ya wonder sometimes. It's a like a jungle sometimes...Or so the song goes. Right now there's a lot of division, lots of confusion, anger, sadness. Makes me think that the world needs music, more than ever, as with any hard or trying time. Music unites, lifts us up, and brings people together. We gotta stop the division and the my way or the highway bullshit. Like it or not, we're all here and we gotta get along. Make music, make love, make war a dying flicker. I'll be posting some new live video from a recent show before everything hit the fan here. Stay cool ya'll

*...Go KingSwardFish...* 

KingSwardFish returns for 2 nights at the Local Bar! Friday June 11th and Saturday June 12th. Original Reggae, Ska, Funk, Swing and more. Plus covers that span almost any style. 
Good times and mediocre banter, and some bickering. Big stage, big lights. Dance, dance dance! 

Rick Sward - Vocals, Guitar 
Roxx Hunter - Vocal, Guitar 
Jamie Pickard - Bass, Mustache 
Guy Chan - Drums, Vocals

Livin' La Vida Meh,