*...The Hill People Are Alive...* 

Last summer I played the Southeast Alaska State Fair in Haines, Alaska with KingSwardFish. Unbeknownst to us, the set was recorded, so in light of that…I have uploaded 2 tracks for you to check out. A song called It's Gonna Be Alright and a song called Give Me Water. There are two formats for download, wav/flac files and MP3. Please give them a listen and share…Thanks so much :)

All That Glitters Is Shiny,


*...You Say Goodbye & I Say Goodbye...* 

Said goodbye to an old friend on Sunday…Will miss you Willy Benn. He was the most bad-ass, thunderous drummer I've ever played with. Hugs to Marie and the family and to Cara. Played in quite a few bands with Willy over the years and just recently we had a cool jam and were talking about new music ideas. Played in a band called 867 with Cara too and originally Willy on drums…Cancer sucks and f*ck cancer! Miss you buddy, see you soon, someday…

*...The Gig Has Come The Walrus Said...* 

Was just sitting here bemoaning the fact that there's no shows this weekend, when I get a call to play bass tonight at the 98. I'll be playing for/with Amelia Rose and Country Josh. Also, my studio is being set up and have already recorded Leonard Boniface from the Yukon African Music Festival. More updates coming soon…and here is a picture of me with some Yukon legends. That's Ed Isaak from the Canucks, who've been a band for like 60 years or something, and a good one at that. 

Don't Let Go,


*...4 Gigs and 7 Days Ago...* 

4 shows this week. The Lockdown Rockown radio show Tuesday 7-9pm, Saturday 8pm at the Folk Society Coffee House backing up Lindy-Jo Aston. Saturday 9pm at the 98 with KingSwardFish, and Sunday morning 11am-3pm at Marsh Lake with Rick, Will and Blair. 

Keep it classy and keep it assy,


*...Standin' Up For My Roxxy...* 

 Busy week, played jazz bass for a big Sport Yukon event to a packed house at the KDCC. Then a crazy jam with Rick, Momo and Emmanuel (best rhythm section ever). Then played worked a conference on diversity and inclusion, as well as playing jazz bass for Parker Thomas Jazz and multiple Grammy winner Jessica Mbangeni and African bass for multiple Juno award winner Alpha YaYa Diallo. Thursday night was playing for Special Olympics with African Music Award winner Alex Kajumulo. The weekend was helping with the sound and playing for the 11th annual Yukon African music festival. I played bass for Parker Thomas Jazz and Dena Zagi. Then played guitar for my friend Maju Maju (double Grammy winner), producer Leonard Boniface, Rick Sward, rapper Ndidi Cascade, and Alex. Was fun playing with the rhythm section of Brian Quaye, Momo and Emmanual Pele.

 Now prepping for a show tonight at the Local Bar with Alpha, Jessica, Leonard, Rick and others…Friday playing the Rendezvous stage with Rick, the 98 Friday night with Thin Ice, and Saturday afternoon on the Rendezvous stage with Parker Thomas Jazz.


Send prayers, as I've been binge watching Jersey Shore.




*...It's Been 14 Gigs of Silence...* 

14 shows coming up this month, playing with Grammy and award winning artists. Lots of original music. The Lockdown Rockdown show is going strong. Finishing touches of the studio being put in place. More online content coming soon as well…Stay tuned!
Baby Roxx Do Do Do Doo

*...Fallin' Forward Fast...* 

Finished a string of shows this past weekend to big crowds and wanted to say thankful. Played the Blue Feather Music Festival at the Yukon Arts Centre with Will Pacaud, was on rhythm guitar. Felt good to be back on the big stage and it was recorded. The next night I was on stage singing and playing guitar for the Whitehorse Women's Hockey Jamboree, and playing to a room full of kick-ass women hockey players is so hard :)
Finished the weekend playing guitar with the Rubies for the Yukon Circus Society performance. Good to finally be a part of that band. 
This week, it's the 98 and next week it's the Whitewater Jam Feature and 98.

Appreciate the good words as of late and the fun shows. Here's a pic of myself, William, and Gary Bailie holding our picks of destiny!

Stay Woke Bro,

*...Friday Feelin' High...* 

 Back here after a short spell. Shows have been going well, writing too…Studio is almost set up. Looking ahead there's the Blue Feather Music Festival, the Festival of Trees, and some other special events…Will be back to posting more. 
Stay Hungry,

*...South To Alaska...* 

Sold some more music, got more shows booked. Life is hard, but God is good. New stuff coming down the line, as always. And the radio show keeps rockin'…Appreciate you all very much and feel blessed to know you. Got shows all over and ready to rock! Heading back to Alaska soon and looking forward to being by the ocean and hearing all the other bands at the Haines State Fair…

Keep Your Stick Somewhat Low,

*...As We Sail Into Alaska...* 

 Back from conquering the mighty Alaska and Yukon mosquitoes and roads, both of which are very perilous and sucky sometimes. Alaskan and Yukon tour was busy, lots of shows and driving, but some really cool crowds. Chickenstock was amazing as always (thanks to Josea and Anthony and the flock), special shoutouts to Ed and Andrea and K. McCarthy was a blast and the sun shone for a hot minute (thanks Neil and BMac). Fairbanks was a bust financially but fun in every other way, thanks to the Marlin, Goldie's, the amazing Dave Parks, Brady and Dan for rounding out the band. And Special shout out to the Wolf's Den in Tok, we'll be back for sure!

 Shows coming up this week and lessons. Getting back into the grind.

Thank God for Thermacells!

Roxxy Roller