*...Boredom Eats Me Like Cancer...* 

In October I was diagnosed with Cancer in my throat. Was a long wait until I had surgery in late March. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers! Sending strength to everyone out there fighting! Fuck Cancer!

*...Marching Into Battle...* 

Got a show coming up Saturday night and one later in the month! This past weekend was three shows (two of which were Sold Out) for the Yukon Rendezvous Festival. And they were filmed. Also, teaching a lot of bass and guitar lessons. Can always try and squeeze in some online lessons. And lastly, here's a video from a show last weekend with Cripps, Gabor and special guest Will on guitar (he just had turned 12). It's a song I wrote called Times Like These...Be sure and give it props...Hope you are well!

*...Who's The One That Makes You Happy...* 

Added 11 shows to the calendar (feels good) but that's for the entire year, usually that would be in one month. Lots of musicians are struggling so be sure and check in on them. Here at home it's -40C (that's really cold). Missing the beach on the Gulf of Oman, which is at the entrance to the Persian Gulf...This pandemic can f*ck off anytime soon. Will post more soon.
~ Roxx ~

*...January Made Me Shiver...* 

 No shows in January but still teaching and some possible shows in February and beyond! Be on the lookout on YouTube, and other social media platforms that still promote free speech. Really miss playing shows! Hope you all are well and safe! Keep practicing!

*...Got The Highway Covid Blues...* 

 Usually Christmas is when I'm busy playing parties and shows, it's good for the mind and the pocketbook. Had a lot of work cancelled. No shows on the horizon and winter. Looking forward to some downtime to record and get new originals out there. Hope you all are staying safe and sane!

*...Easy Come, Easy Go...* 

Thanks to Cabin Fever for the fun, and SOLD OUT show last weekend. Always a pleasure to play my bass and groove out in front of a packed house. Miss playing shows. Got 4 shows coming up, and the 5th was cancelled due to Covid. Was gonna be a road trip with my friends in Jagermeister. Covid f*cking sucks! More music and online lesson videos coming soon...Also still available for in person or zoom lessons on guitar and bass!

~ Roxx ~

*...Ohh No, Snows Are Falling...* 

 Thanks to Dena Zagi and Arts Centre techs for a fun show this past weekend and letting me play bass! This photo is courtesy of Mike Thomas. And thanks to Paddy's Juke Joint and King Swardfish for another fun show and getting to play guitar. Some amazing grooves happened and was nice to be back on stage! Hope you all are staying safe during this Covid craziness!


*...Falling Back Ahead...* 

Still alive and kicking...Played some amazing shows over summer, although small or parties, there was magic. As fall approaches, there are almost no shows lined up and nothing in the foreseeable future. Teaching lots (can do online so hit me up). Doing recording on my buddy's album (Guitar and Bass) and stoked for it come out as I think it will really get my name out there, and it's leveled up my bass playing. Hope you are all safe and getting by. Sending love and hugs to all my musician, tech, and artist friends around the world who are all out of work. Stay strong!

*...They Call Me The Bruce...* 

Sometimes in the biz, it seems like life throws you a thousand rejections, between the cliques and struggles of trying to maintain a career that doesn't exist anymore thanks to Covid. It can feel pretty heavy...Then you post a video of you playing a flashy, cool, guitar solo, at a block party, of Lovers In A Dangerous Time and Bruce Cockburn himself likes the video and it lights a fire under your butt. God, I love music!

*...100,000 Years...* 

An article from Uganda about my song Give Me water has over 100,000 views. Pretty cool, and it makes me heart swell. My friend Adrian added some cool lyrics and then my friend Brenjeezy recorded it with the Kazo kids of Kawempe choir. Nice to see this song touching people all over the world :)