*...Laying Bagpipe...* 

New shows coming up, Alaskan tour, possible Vancouver and Vancouver Island tour/shows, new music, new lesson videos…The Lockdown Rockdown has been in full swing…Keep checking back. Here's a video I did playing Amazing Grace on the guitar like a bagpipe? Crazy!


*...Abande All Hope...* 

 Just back from playing the Abande Music Festival in Vancouver with some cool friends. An amazing night of stellar African and global music vibes. And recently played the Yukon African Music Festival again (see pics below), as well as the Yukon Rendezvous Festival! Add to that dental surgery, lessons, and tech work = busy Roxx. Got the Lockdown Rockdown radio show tonight and shows this weekend in Whitehorse at the Local Bar on Friday and Whiskey Jacks on Saturday. Can't sing, but Rick will handle all that. Will be posting more live videos soon.
Stay Warm,


*...Hippity Hop To The New Year Shop...* 

Hope you all had a great Christmas time and New Years Eve. Looking ahead, have some shows coming up, both near and far. Online lessons will be ramping up as well as videos. And if you're bored, you can keep checking out the live videos posted from recent shows...
Stay Hungry Like The Wolf,

Roxi Hunter

*...Sunday Morning Going Down...* 

 Added some new shows and had some new studio gear arrive for LateNiteRoxx Records. Winter is in the Yukon and the cold, dark ethos of the Hothian vibe is here to stay, at least until May...Stay warm and stay cool!

Guy looking sharp playing guitar on stage!

*...Bass, How No Can You Go?...* 

 Added some new shows and some more live videos on Youtube. New Lessons coming very soon as well. Snow has fallen lots here in the Yukon. Halloween came and went. Looking forward a cold, dark winter to write and create.

Roxxy the Snowman

Bass Player meme about being ignored.

*...Three's A Company...* 

Here's a video of set 3 from a recent KingSwardFish show. Rick Sward on guitar and vocals. Adam Cripps on Bass. Steve Reid on Drums. We start with Purple Rain and never look back. Some pretty fun guitar on here...
Don't Drop The Beat,


*...George Thorokay... 

Getting caught up on editing all the live footage I've recorded over the past 6 months and learning some new editing software. Be sure and check out my YouTube channel for the latest videos. Got a few more shows to add as well and have been working on my recording software and will be starting with some solo guitar pieces and working up to full band recording. Also, speaking of, the recording I did with Dena Zagi, the song called Me, has been released to radio and will be on all platforms very soon. And the recording I did with Rick Sward should be out next month, so stay tuned...
Burninating the Unbelievers,

*...Set Too...* 

 Been in the studio working on a song of mine (with more to follow). This evening I'm hitting Green Needle Studio to play Upright Bass for Rick Sward and Ivan Zenovitch, for an Unplugged/Acoustic album. Send mojo as I haven't played upright in a while. Also, got a few shows this week: Wednesday at the Whitewater Jam with Rick, Ivan and special guests, as a feature. Saturday night I'm at Whiskey Jacks solo. That's it for me, for now...Here's a video of myself, Rick Sward, Adam Cripps and Steve Reid playing a second set from a recent show, with special Guest Elijah Bekk who sat in for two songs...
One for the money, too for the show,

*...Falling Fastly...* 

 Fall is here, more like short pre-winter, in the Yukon. Was just in the studio with my friend Cripps working on a new song called Hey God! Hitting the studio, playing upright bass for my friend Rick Sward and Ivan Zenovitch, plus working on some solo shows and more online stuff. Here's a video from a recent set played with the Roxx Hunter Trio, featuring the amazing Adam Cripps on bass and Steven Guenette on Drums.
What Is The Problem? No Problem : )

*...No Show Jones & The Bailers...* 

Working on some new software right now to bring YOU more content this fall/winter. As much as I like learning a new skill set, I really wish I could just do it with my mind. Got some pretty varied shows coming up: classical/jazz duet with Nic Mah, playing tunes at the Yukon African Music Festival and etc. The last few shows were pretty varied too, playing with Dena Zagi, recording with Dena Zagi, as well as some duo and band stuff. Stay tuned for more live concert footage and video lessons and etc.

I don't like Mondays,

Guy in computer  video editing screen wtih Anthrax shirt on. Iron Maiden flag on the wall behind.