*...No Show Jones & The Bailers...* 

Working on some new software right now to bring YOU more content this fall/winter. As much as I like learning a new skill set, I really wish I could just do it with my mind. Got some pretty varied shows coming up: classical/jazz duet with Nic Mah, playing tunes at the Yukon African Music Festival and etc. The last few shows were pretty varied too, playing with Dena Zagi, recording with Dena Zagi, as well as some duo and band stuff. Stay tuned for more live concert footage and video lessons and etc.

I don't like Mondays,

Guy in computer  video editing screen wtih Anthrax shirt on. Iron Maiden flag on the wall behind.

*...Turn Down The Clique Track...* 

Supposed to be in Fairbanks, Alaska playing a festival and a bunch of clubs, plus seeing some friends, but that got cancelled. A big show I was supposed to be in got cancelled as well. Was gonna be a big, schmoozy event and a big paycheck...Appreciate you all stopping by. My recording space is slowly coming together, so new music is on the horizon as well as more lessons. Hoping one day Covid is a thing of the past, maybe Covid will say something that cancel culture doesn't agree with and then it will get cancelled ;)
Speaking of, I'm about to cancel rambling and will sign off...
Towing the Line,

*...Chicken Stocks and Bonds...* 

Just got back from playing the Chicken Saloon and the Chickenstock Music Festival, plus two shows in Dawson at the Drunken Goat. Awesome crowds and awesome music. Nice be on the road and on tour for a bit. Lots of shows coming up, down the line too...
I Don't Wanna Be A Chicken,

Girl holds sign in front of stage, Roxx Hunter rocks out with KingswardFish!

*...Week Sauce...* 

 Lots of shows being added, summer is ramping up. Got live videos coming down the line, as well as studio stuff (my songs and playing on other songs). Revamping this site as well and my Youtube channel, so stay tuned!
All the best and all the time!

Guy sitting playing bass!

*...I'm On A Boot...* 

 Last summer I got asked to play a festival that I didn't even apply for. It was during one of the many Covid lockdowns, and was on this old paddlewheeler boat in the beautiful town of Atlin, BC, Canada. There was no audience, save for a camera crew and sound crew, and I was playing an Unplugged Solo show. Was nice to do a set of all original music, plus one fingerstyle, open tuned cover. Thanks to producer Matthew Liew and the Atlin Fest crew for an awesome show. It looks great and sounds great. Feel free to check out the video below and share it with your friends!
Boats out for Harambe!

*...Hello I'm Johnny Nash...* 

Thanks to my guitar teacher/friend/mentor Robbie Mackay for gifting me this wonderful Nash guitar! I really don't feel worthy of something so nice. I've been sitting here on my bed getting acquainted with this guitar and trying to find its vibe. I believe if you sit long enough with a guitar that it will show you what it wants to play, and that your fingers just go there and it comes out. 

This guitar has a John Frusciante/Chili Peppers/Hendrix vibe, so I will do my best to bring that out in the originals I write on it, and in the covers I learn on it. And I am gonna learn a ton of Beatles on the guitar. 

My deepest and most sincere prayers for the people of the Ukraine right now Really wish the rest of the world would step in and stop the war!

Roxx Hunter Looking into Camera holding light blue electric guitar

*...The Fourcast Calls Four...* 

Tuesday night's live Radio Shows are up and running. So cool to see people from all over the world tuning in! They will be archived and posted on the CJUC radio site. You can check out the show via the event/show page on here and find the listen live link, and to see what time it airs where you live. Any requests? Drop me a line. Take care and hope wherever you live that the mandates end soon so all of us out of work can get back to doing what we do.
Unemployably Yours,

Guy in suit, with purple scarf holding guitar wearing shades!

*...The War Machine Keeps Turning...* 

Added a bunch of shows on here and will either be live streaming them or recording them and posting them at a later date. One of the shows is a live radio show, The Rockdown Lockdown with Rixxx & Roxx. So you can check out the details and tune in and listen live from anywhere around the world. Things are pretty much shut down here and really miss my career. Nice to see other parts of the world opening up. Scary times with Russia wanting to take back their former USSR territories and China wanting Taiwan and other south sea countries. We've been through enough these last few years and the last thing we need is a big fucking war. Got a bunch more shows to add and at one of them we'll be playing War Pigs, cause there is no greater/more fitting song than that. If a politician is so hungry to fight, go to the local gym and take MMA classes or martial arts. Want more power, then they need to learn humility. If they feel like they are lacking resources another country has, maybe look inward at all we waste every day. We should use everything we take and build things to last. And a lot of people need to start using condoms! :) Hoping for more peaceful days ahead.


Night Time Bridge

*...Happy Same Year...* 

Not much has been going on. We had a deep freeze here, where it was below -40C for quite a while. It's an odd feeling knowing you could walk into the freezer to warm up after being outside. Lots of things breakdown in that weather, so I think the whole colonizing Mars thing is still a long way off. Right now all the shows are cancelled, but might have some cool stuff coming down the line if that doesn't get cancelled. Keep your fingers. Barring that I'm gonna join the foreign legion, start an OnlyFans page, or sell weed...
Highfully Yours,

Couch in front of cool city skyline backdrop

*...Let It Blow...* 

Be more patient, be more kind, be more loving. Some people are just trying in small ways to make this world better. Don't be a bully, understand! Let it be and let it go...
Jolly Old,