*...New Post, Who Dis?...* 

 Happy New Year to all my friends around the world! May 2020 be the best one yet. As always, I appreciate all the traffic here, the song plays, checking out the lessons, all the plays on YouTube and for 131 shows in 2019. Be kind and stay tuned! Photo Credit Maegan Garrett Art

*...Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals!...* 

Nothing says Christmas like dark lyrics, a drunken murderous Santa, absolute carnage, terror, and blast beats! Metal, metal, metal! May you have an awesome holiday season and a great New Years Eve! If you're in town, I'll be playing at Whiskey Jacks on the 28th and I gotta feeling it's gonna be a good night! Might be playing somewhere for New Years Eve too, stay tuned!


*...Pages Turning...* 

 Wrapped up two great shows with Soul Migration! Special thanks to Karen Forward for flying Alex back. We played the Local Bar and the SOLD OUT Grand Ball. Was nice to play on a big stage again! It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it ; ) Also, uploaded a new music lesson, called Triads. If you play guitar this will help your chops, songwriting, theory and knowledge. Keep rocking and stay tooned...

*...No News November...* 

If you're looking for some live music, got more shows lined up for November and December. Soul Migration returns for 2 shows, so busy rehearsing for that. I forgot what a great band that is. Also, I have over 150 videos on Youtube, from studio recordings to live shows, and even some lessons...Swing on by and check it out. Speaking of checking out, time for me to do the same...
Stay Warm,

*...It Doesn't Matter...* 

I put in a lot of work in bands I am. Always try to show up prepared and push the envelope. I'm not afraid to jump off the edge, or as Martin Luther King said, "...take the first step, even if you can't see the whole staircase". I may be paraphrasing a bit. Always disappointing when people poo poo or nay say an idea cause other bands do things a certain way. History was never made by being cautious. Be radical, be free, be alive, be loud, be quiet, be YOU!
 Playing bass at the Local Bar Friday night with Cabin Fever and in between teaching a lot of guitar and bass students. If you want in, send me a message ; )
Stay Classy and Sassy,

*...I Gotta Fever For More Cabin...* 

 Hitting the stage on Saturday with Cabin Fever at the Local Bar! Gonna be a fun night of eclectic tunes that a lot of bands don't play, lots of sing-alongs and toe tappers. It's only $5 to get in and the Local has the biggest and best dance floor in town. Amazing lights and sound! I'll be laying it down on the bass and Steven the drummer has an amazing groove. Saturday night and the music is tight!
Be Kind or Rewind,


*...All The Leaves Are Brown...* 

 And so is our Prime Minister...(That's a topical joke). We now end the political part of this show. Speaking of shows, new shows added. Tonight is the Chickenstock band with Rick, Gabor, and Katie. We're missing Dave Parks, Bennett, Michigan and the flock! Saturday a new band debuts called Front Of The Line. I'm playing Bass. Maddie Traplin (former guitar student) is on Guitar and Vocals, Ben Feltmate is on Guitar, Harmonica, and Vocals. Steven Guenette is on Drums. And joining us for a few songs will be past student David Guenette. Blessed they have me in the band with them and happy we are doing lots of Beatles songs and some obscure stuff, like Tower Of Power...Just all round good tunes and good times...
Don't Be Boring!

*...You Always Remember Your First...* 

 Was in Dawson City last weekend with Shagadelica for Disco Days (this long weekend here in the Yukon). Most the people here end up going to Dawson to let their hair down, one last hurrah before fall/winter. We worked out a few cobwebs on stage the first night as it had been a while since we've played a full night, but then the second night was magical. I am really glad they let me play the rock star part and play the big solos. These songs have a lot of parts. Was nice just being up in Dawson and breathing in the air. The highlight for me, was walking up the slanted stairs of our legendary hotel, and the sloped floors, to my hotel room. Hearing a voice of my friend Donald, who was the singer in my first ever garage band. I walked in and he gave me a big hug. Some of my best memories were sitting around every night with guitar and a drum pad, playing songs. We'd do this for hours and hours every night, people would stop by and listen. His voice was a little scratchy from day drinking and not warmed up, but as I played I still heard his wonderful voice come through. He was the first singer In ever saw on stage, just feeling the music, eyes closed, grooving, a big smile. We've been friends ever since...

*...Take Notes, But Leave Some For Others...* 

 Show number 84 tonight. The number 84 means a great message to receive from the divine realm. The number exudes the energies of love, harmony, and peace. Playing in town this weekend and that will be a nice change, then back on the road next week. Also, getting lot of traffic on my ReverbNation page. Up to number 31 on the national charts. Not sure how relevant or current that site is, it's no spotify (but that ain't necessarily a bad thing). I wanna hit number 1...So if you're bored, go check it out and click on some of the links...
Be Good and listen,

*...24 Or 6 To 4 To 2...* 

 Busy weekend of 6 shows in 4 days in 2 countries, and all but one of them found me playing the bass. Our Shagadelica set was an outside, park gig, which started off sunny, but then got rained out after 35 minutes, right when the band started cooking. Always fun playing the big rock tunes. Followed that with a bit later with EverGold. Then an early morning drive on little sleep, 500 kilometers to Haines, Alaska for the Southeast Alaska State Fair. Only me and Rick were there from the King Swardfish band, which is Rick's band plus usually me and Gabor and others. A throw together band but we played originals and there were moments of heavy groove. This state fair kicks the shit out of other festivals around. Rides for the kids, animals, good eats, drinks, cool events, and some of the best musicianship I've seen in a long time, far away from the usual folk-tinged stuff. This band Ozomatli put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. It was magical. So much groove and really was a worlds class show. Talked with this bassist from this other really good band called Smoke n Bones. We both had a crazy car accident story and talked shop. They played funk/soul and were the real deal. Finished off the night watching the Whiskeydicks play and they are amazing. Had to turn and burn it back to Whitehorse, where I hosted a jam with Sean from the Yukon. One rehearsal after, then an noon arts in the park gig with Elijah Bekk. Felt time and we grooved. That night was a fundraiser put on by my friend Manus. Cool vibe, a-la the trailer park boys. All the musicians listening to each other's sets. Big not shoutout to the "local" group who were setting up speakers and stands and cables and etc during Animal Warfare's set. That was so disrespectful and not cool. I left right after that set cause I was pissed off. Give everyone their time on stage, and show respect. You don't have to like everyone but give them their moment.
 Anyway, to end this novel. Playing with the Shaggy Manes Wednesday night on the bass, and then hosting the Gold Rush jam on Thursday. Might be going to Keno to play the festival Friday Night, but we'll see...More shows added...keep your eyes peeled. And thanks to Tom Ganner for taking this pic in Haines!