*...Thursdays Make Fridays Hurt...*

 My friend Justin Murr passed away recently. I never met him in person but we were friends. We first came in contact as fans of a singer named Jamie Rowe, who sang for the rock band Guardian. Jamie had a website with a message board, and that's is how I met Justin. Fast forward to Facebook times and we stayed in touch. Justin had a music project called Liberty n' Justice, where he would write or co-write songs and get many guests artists to play on the songs; these were usually rock musicians from famous bands in the 80s. So one day I get a message from Justin, asking if I'd like to be on his new double CD, on a track with Jamie Rowe! So his double CD, called the Cigar Chronicles, was one CD of original music and one of covers. The track I did with Jamie Rowe was an Mmm Bop cover. I just played the solo...What was cool is CJ Snare, the singer from Firehouse, produced/mixed the track, and one of the singers I've listened to a LOT. Also, being on a CD with Jani Lane, Mark Slaughter, Tim Gaines from Stryper, and many others. Also, Bumblefoot, who I later on got to hang with and who used my guitar for a show here.
Anyway, Thanks to Justin for giving me the chance to play with one of my heroes and be on a CD with so many other heroes.

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