*...That Warblin' Moon...*

 My friend Nicole passed away. Who is Nicole? One of the kindest, strongest people I have met. And how did we meet? A long time ago she was playing in a band with one of my first guitar heroes, a guy named Stu Davies (who had a red Joe Satriani guitar and could play Surfing With The Alien note for note). Their band and the band I was in shared rehearsal space. I got to know Nicole and she was very supportive. She hosted a youth jam and even though I was only a few years out of high school, I was helping her host.
 A little while later she asked me to play bass in her band. I went from playing the opening jam of a festival (before it actually started and only doing 3 songs) to being in one of the headlining acts in front of lots of people. No one knew me before that, but soon everyone knew me. Not sure why she took a chance with me, but am grateful she did. That was like going to music school, and Ivan the guitar player taught me so much about music, being kind and playing bass. Safe to say there'd be no Roxx Hunter without Nicole Edwards. We had some amazing shows, laughs, jams, and would always correspond to figure out what we were gonna wear on stage. I really thought she was going to the next level, but then she started getting sick and could no longer play. She still sang, but scaled down, and we did quite a few special shows, just the two of us.
 One rainy, summer's day, filled with mosquitoes and black flies, we waiting in her beautiful backyard in the Yukon for the sun to shine. It came out just long enough for us to film this song. A beautiful prayer that we all need right now. Take a moment and listen to it! You are finally free Nicole, your voice and soul. I love you and big hugs to Lee (love you)...

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