*...Sunshine Knockin' On My Window...*

 Saturday night I was on stage playing bass with Jeff Martin of the Tea Party on one of the biggest stages around. If you'd have asked me a few weeks ago if I'd ever play with Jeff Martin I would have probably not even responded. I got an email followed by a list of songs to learn, and they were tricky to learn, and this was only a few days before the show. The deal was to learn the songs and then meet Jeff at Soundcheck and we'd run through the songs, and if he liked it, we got the job. I was tapped to play bass and Lonnie Powell was picked for drums. I worked my ass off on these tunes, doing it the old school way, playing a song at half speed, putting the digital needle back (aka the cursor), until I had it. Was an interesting experience, myself and Lonnie went on stage and killed it, playing the last two songs and then the encore (which turned into a crazy jam). It was some late nights, on top of rehearsals and shows. Wasn't all work, had a wonderful dinner and wine with three burlesque dancers at my place eating curry dinner from the legendary Starfire restaurant in Skagway, Alaska. Played a killer show with Shagadelica (packed bar, and everyone hanging off every note), had a fun trio gig with Ben Mahony and Patrick Singh, got some new students and spent Saturday night after the show on a couch listening to Glen Miller on vinyl...Special shoutout to the True Romance dancer...Cue the song In Dreams by John Waite..

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