*...Played a crazy weekend of shows in this haunted hotel called the Pit ( The Westminster Hotel ) in Dawson City Yukon. Long drive to get there and back, and it was my third weekend in a row with out of town shows, plus shows in town earlier in the week, and lessons. Wanted to give a shout out to Kathleen Derusha and everyone else at the Pit for being so welcoming, and for grooving to Soul Migration. Was a great vibe, great grooves and Harmonica George George McConkey sat in for a set and that is always a treat to the ears. Love playing Dawson and we'll be back...55 shows so far this year, been a busy year, hoping it keeps up. Thanks for all the support. And special thanks to Jamie Rowe for the nice words and shout out. Please be sure and check him out. He has a LOT of cool things on the go and hoping one day to get him up here for a show. Been friends for a long time but never really hung out...yet...Til next time ~Roxx~...*

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