*...Stop Dragging My Heart Around...*

 A few nights ago we had a Soul Migration rehearsal. Alex (our singer couldn't make it), but we jammed anyway. Was so cool to sit around jamming with David on a Hammond organ, my Strat through a Marshall stack, Pam playing my Fender P&J bass, and Marc on a Yamaha studio kit. We we're jamming out the song Stop Dragging My Heart Around by Tom Petty but a Stevie Knicks version. You can find the video of us jamming on Facebook. Our show tonight is at the Social House. Always a trip playing there cause it used to be the Backwater, and that's where I made most of my musical friends like Peggy, Jack, Rick, Jim Quinsey, and etc...
 The Backwater was a cool place where you just chill and listen to music, dance, or whatever. People were cool and it had a relaxed vibe. Some nights it was packed to the rafters. I spent a few nights after hours sitting there doing some shots and talking about life and leaving when the sun came up. We need more places like that, but people seem to have changed. Guess it was a different era...Speaking of eras, here's a pic from Shanghai at our last band rehearsal. My friend Koko took this shot...Off to rock!

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