*...Sprung Was Just Around The Corner...*

 It's spring time in the Yukon (or false spring before third winter). Snow is melting, sun is shining, and people are happy. Got some more gigs coming down the line and looking forward to the diversity of them all. I thought when Soul Migration ended that I'd miss out on a lot of the high paying gigs, cause we made more money than any other band, but those gigs are coming back. It really shows that people believe in the brand I've been trying to create, which is consistently delivering a polished, professional, and fun product. Don't forget to phone up your local radio station and get them to play my songs. Also, a friend of mine is doing this campaign where he's trying to get his song in every country. Basically just having someone have a copy of it (digitally or otherwise). I think I might do that, as I already have a global reach of friends from traveling, playing, and networking...Thanks for checking in on this site and wherever you are, have a great day...Here's a shot from Chickenstock!

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