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 Late night Saturday sitting here on my bed eating oranges and grapes and going over original music for a show coming up. Looking to debut a bunch of new songs. Came across this one that I really dig, and hope you'll dig it too. I had just wrote it when I recorded it and put it on YouTube. If and when I do a proper version in the studio, it will have a few more flourishes and flash. But, as is, I think it's pretty. There's a few newer songs I'm looking to try out with a band. I still don't feel like I've ever done a show of my own music that has lived up to my dream, due to lack of the right players being available, time constraints, budget etc, but I'll keep swinging and eventually and piece by piece, show by show, it's coming together. In the meantime, enjoy the tune and check out the tuning!
Spakoynay Nochi,


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  • Shannon
    Shannon South
    Very pretty!

    Very pretty!

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