Somewhere in my life, there's one light burning...

 Like the Ritchie Sambora song title, I'm sitting here way past my bedtime writing music (without even an instrument close by). That meme that shows the dark city skyscape with one light on and an arrow pointing to it saying 'artist' is me right now. One thing you need to do when you find your calling and what you are passionate about it is make sure you have the time and energy to pursue it, otherwise you're holding yourself back; and whatever your muse is, live it and immerse yourself in it. You'll find inspiration is a never ending well if you keep drawing from it. I was sitting here on Youtube listening to music in a hot bath (first time I've been warm in a week thanks to a cold spell). Going from Boston to James Durbin I came across a song title that, although used before more than once, intrigued me. I clicked on the title and the video didn't load, but there was something about that title. Right away i started singing this catchy, punchy chorus - inspiration. And how it all started was just sitting in a room with my bass doing nothing but playing, no thinking, no goal, just playing bass for hours.
 Time will tell whether this song is a good one or not but I am thankful for the sacrifices I make to be able to stay up late and write music. Someone recently asked me for advice about songwriting, and while I am no expert, I think the biggest thing is adjusting your life so you can write when inspiration strikes. Learn the language of others in your field, study, practice, don't give up, write every day if you can and, above all, enjoy it. Inspiration is everywhere and the more you use it the bigger it gets. Good luck with your writing and good night moon.

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