Sometimes It's Okay To Sell Out...

Another SOLD OUT show on tap tonight at the Guild Hall for Cannibal. Last night was the only night of the run not at capacity and it was only 8 seats shy of that mark tomorrow night's finale is SOLD OUT as well). Last night was also brought to you by the letters P and U cause of all the clunkers, be it cast and band and of course it was the night they filmed it. But the rule of stage mean that tonight should be rocking! Then immediately after the play heading down to the Jarvis Street Saloon to rock the bass with Fishead Stew!!! Playing my 6 string fretless that glows under black light so it will look cool on stage. My bass is called SIXX, speaking of the CRUE here's a shot from the Cannibal show promo that my brother said resembles Mick Mars...Have fun where ever you are in this great big world, but if it's in Whitehorse I'll see you at the play and the 202.

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