*...Selling The Dream, But Who's Buying?...*

 This past week I sold about $60 worth of my music on here. It's really cool anytime someone spends their hard-earned cash on something cause it moves them, and even cooler when that something happens to be something you helped create. It's even more cool cause I don't have a CD out (yet) and this is pretty much the only place you can buy my music. I will have CDs finished in a while, but until such time I don't wanna be posting about it and crying wolf. As I finish songs and release them, you'll be the first to know. I have a few songs on here that will be on my albums, some live stuff, and some really cool, left-field music that won't be on any albums in the near future. I'm getting a lot of steady traffic and will be adding new songs soon. Speaking of adding, will have new shows up, for those of you close enough to check it out..In the meantime, please check out my music. There's gotta be something there you like...I prefer having it on here, so you can find everything and when you do purchase a song, no one else takes a cut, which is what helps me pay the bills and keep on writing and recording...Thanks for the support!
Here's a cool song to check out. Metal! \m/

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