*...Reflections On A Past Live...*

 Spent the 4th of July in a small town called Skagway, in Alaska. A beautiful city with that small town charm. Smoky and the usual bustle of tourists from nearby cruise ships made for a unique Independence Day celebration. Cheers to bars in Skagway for knowing how to pour a drink properly. Got some upcoming shows this week. Playing solo, instrumental guitar for a funeral, a couple of Rixxx & Roxx shows (for all we bicker, when it comes together we really get cooking), and a King Swardfish gig. There's a festival this weekend that will never hire me or Rick, it's frustrating cause we play other festivals, original music and we kill it every time. But I hear that ticket sales are in the decline, which reminds me that sometimes the brightest stars burn out the fastest. Seen lots of festivals come and go, I'm still standing and playing big shows and even more original music. Just focused on making each show the best experience it can be, and never losing sight that the end game is farther away than my hometown. Some big shows coming down the line for the fall and winter too ;)
Roxxy Roller

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