*...Promise Me, We'll Never Say Goodbye...*

 Hi everyone! Hope you all have been well and the road is treating you well. I finally got all my writing up and you can check it out on my Poetry page. I'd really love to get some of this published one day. Also, I love the way my new website theme looks on my phone. On the desktop there is a grey/black border, but on my phone it is gone. I was reminded that this background of blue clouds is very Windows 98 or whatever. I dig it. What do you think? I was talking to the cool people here at Bandzoogle who host my site and they were suggesting I upgrade my website to a newer look, you know the kind where it's just a picture and then some links to a few pages. I dig that but I like the main page on my site cause you instantly see my latest post, my twitter feed, my next show, links to my social media and then all the pages. Not so big on the hey look at my face thing, would rather the music and the writing speak for itself, besides I have a photo page if that's your bag. Gearing up for the big Soul Migration show next weekend and Shagadelica. Lots of guitar parts but gonna kick some ass!


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