*...Practice What You Teach...*

So I used to be one of the busiest musicians around, until this pandemic happened. I found myself sitting on my butt trying to figure out what to do when ALL my work suddenly didn't exist anymore cause it all got cancelled. So I've started teaching online, to pass the time, and cause I like it. I've been working out the kinks of doing just that. I'm ready to go! We can cover a lot of styles from absolute beginner, both young and old, to the more advanced player. If you wanna play your favorite song, or learn to jam, wanna unleash your inner rock star, learn how to write music, or just get better, give me a shout. It doesn't matter where you live, thanks to the internet we can make it happen. Shoot me a message if you're interested. I know times are tough for so many of us, so if money's tight, we can work something out. Music is a healer...
Stay Safe and Stay Home,

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