There's so many things killing the music industry right now: lack of payment from streaming, not many people paying for music, lack of venues to pay, lower pay at these venues and etc. But one of the biggest contributing factors is over-saturation. Everyone has a CD and a band. There are still great bands out there and people who are lifers, but now there are a lot of people who are just not very good. I've noticed a trend lately and that is when a new venue pops up, that they will hire just about anyone, regardless of whether they can play, know any songs, or can work a PA. Because there is no stage or lights, the music is just off in the corner, and they keep hiring these people, like in a big rotation. So it devalues the work of professionals like me. But I'm sure with over 7 billion people on the planet that everything is saturated. I just know these days I hustle a lot more than I ever had to do, just to make a buck. Just a hard road when there's so much mediocre and sub par performers who are killing live music. But here's a cheers to the bands and performers out there killing it every night! Practice, study, learn songs, know your audience, read the crowd and smile...Anyway, playing tonight in Whitehorse with a piano player and bassist if you're around. I feel like hell (cough and low energy) but the show must go on!


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