*...Ohh Ohh Ohh Canada...*

Survived a fun weekend a shows, which included 5 shows in 24 hours in 3 different cities. Not sure I wanna repeat that feat, but I did pull it off. There was some amazing music and some ohh my gosh moments driving 100mph/160kmh. Got to play rock and funk guitar, jazz bass and reggae and singer songwriter stuff. Soul Migration was firing on all cylinders and we had a blast in the beautiful city of Atlin, BC. Next was welcoming in another birthday for Canada with the amazing people of Marsh Lake. Next was two shows at Shipyards park (one jazz with the Parker Thomas Quartet) and then again with Soul Migration. Finished the night off with Rixxx and Roxx at Whiskey Jacks. Acoustic guitar madness. When we are on, we are really on. Was such a fun show. Now I am getting in my car and again hitting the road...Off to Watson Lake to play their Arts in The Park concert tomorrow. Lessons have been off the hook lately so if you want bass or guitar, hit me up...

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