Nepotism for days and days...

*...What is cultural music in the Yukon?...Been thinking about that, as I seem to get passed up for almost all of the cultural shows here in town, unless I'm a hired gun for someone from out of town who needs a professional, or a local artist picks me to be in the band. I've played so many shows all over the North, from Alaska, to the NWT and northern BC, and here in the Yukon. That's festivals, parties, weddings, funerals, album releases, fundraisers, outreaches, lessons etc. I've played with artists from all over the North from Alaska to Nunavut, recorded a CD of a local native language. So many cool projects and partnerships. I think that's the soundtrack, the heartbeat of the North; it's music. And on a more Global scale I've represented Yukon music and culture, playing shows, in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. I waved the flag high and proud, and made sure to play and sing my ass off. I am working on my first CDs right now and have played many festivals doing entirely my own music, and people danced and sang along and put their fists up in the air. I write all the time and still practice all the time...If I could go back I wouldn't change a thing, but I don't ever wanna go back to tomorrow. I want what's coming ahead. Just sucks when it seems like the same two people organize cultural shows here and for some reason won't hire me to play. It's more coal for the fire to put on the best show I can and leave it all on stage and in my songs. Anyway, random thoughts. Nepotism makes me tired. My guitar is calling and I gotta go...*

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