*...Make Your Guitar Sing...*

 Current mood is this jam I posted on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/RoxxHunterMusic/videos/1327789540623737/ ). Was a live stream I did, sort of Prince tribute. Feels good to just play guitar. No words, no hurry...Over a thousand views which is cool and people keep checking it out. Also, if you're in Whitehorse be sure and get your tickets for Soul Migration's New Years Eve party at the Jarvis Street Saloon. We've got the biggest, baddest version of the band to date: Selina, Cripps, Pam, David, Marc, and Alex. That's a lot of talent on that stage. I'll be there too playing guitar : ) We got some new songs and we'll be playing some of my tunes. I'm up late as I write this hitting the woodshed working on the solos for the Final Countdown, Jump and tightening up my guitar and vocal parts for Bohemian Rhapsody! Would be great to see this event sell out. They got a big dance floor and we got a good band!...
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