*...So the cat's out of the bag...(Why would you put a cat in a bag in the first place? ) A while back I signed up to be a living liver donor for a friend named Nessim Carty. There are a LOT of tests to go through when you decide to get half your liver chopped off, as they need to make sure it's a good match, you're healthy, and all that, and I'm pretty sure I gave enough blood in testing to feed an entire village of vampires for decades. I was sitting there in the doctor's office filling out even more forms the other day when I realized I was wearing my Jägermeister jacket, cause it's the only winter jacket I have, and it just seemed really ironic. I had a good laugh and had to take a picture, as I knew Nessim and Karen would probably find it funny. The fill in doctor I think wasn't quite as amused as I sat there making appointments to give my liver away saying the jacket was gifted to me and I'm not an alcoholic...Made a pretty heavy appointment seem a bit lighter. My reasons for stepping up were cause someone was in need and there was a way to help. Plus, for me, I don't have a family of my own or a partner so really not much to lose, and even though I play in bands and love Jägermeister, I really don't drink much. Thankfully, today I woke up to the news that Nessim got a liver and is in surgery right now. It's a pretty major surgery, around 10 hours and there are a lot of risks, so if you could take a moment and send your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes to Nessim that would be appreciated I'm sure. He's in good hands but there are many risks...*

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