*...Like A Breath In The Cold...*

Posted a new song today from the studio called Watching The River Flow. This song is all about sitting down with a guitar, watching the river flow and contemplating life. For those us currently living on Hoth, err I mean the Yukon, that's not possible when it's -30 outside. It's more of a song about summer time. Check it out on the music page and if you like it please toss some coin into the cup so I can keep on writing and recording...Lyrics: “I sat down today, and I was high. My woman left me but I couldn't cry. So I just sat there and let it go. Strumming my guitar, watching the river flow...Feel my heartbeat and I wonder why. We're born to live to and live to die. And time goes by like a breath in the cold. And I'm just sitting here, growing old...Can't see the sky when I'm falling down. Spinning my wheels in this nowhere town. Like a road I'm gonna keep on turning. On my way to where the fire is burning. Shine a light and come and rescue me. Take me away and set me free...Play on child...It's been a long time since the sunshine came. The clouds roll by and drop the rain. The wind it blows, so cold on my face. And all this heartache I wish I could replace...I may be broken but I'm never down. Heavy is the head that has to wear the crown. And if you think that I'll be on my knees. I'm not the one who'll be begging please. I'm gonna soar so you can watch me fly. I'll ramble on til the day I die...Fly on child..." Words/Music by Roxx Hunter. Copyright Roxx Hunter 2016. SOCAN....*

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