*...Let Me Be Brave In The Attempt...*

A week ago I played for the opening ceremonies of the Yukon Special Olympics Development Games. These athletes were what you would call "special needs". If more people spent more time with "special needs" people there would be a lot less ego, a lot less war, a lot less lies, a lot less bullies, a lot less people upset about what is or what isn't a capital, a lot less people feeling they are owed something, and lot less sexism and racism. These are the people who don't judge you, who's first instinct is to support and love. Maybe we're the ones with special needs cause of ego, fear, and hatred. We seem to have lost our childlike love and wonder for the world around us. May we all be more courageous and brave, trusting, and as full of love, as these athletes and model human beings are every day...

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