*...Jagermeister Returns...*

 Friday night at the Local Bar (the old 202), Jagermeister takes the stage. We won an award once, won a battle of the bands, we used to play this club called Foxy's and our Thursday night shows we're the busiest. We played another joint called Flippers and it was the same deal. We played a few parades (in summer and winter), birthday parties (even for Canada), and a wedding. You'd think this is a serious band, but it's just a fun side project for myself, Adam Cripps and Gabor Nagy. It's nice playing in a band that doesn't have to stick to one or two genres, we do them all. There's no band meetings or votes about songs. If someone wants to play a song we play it, be it a cover or original. Everyone in that band can play the hell out of their instrument and we all get our moments to shine. There's lots of jamming that goes on when we let loose on stage. Chemistry, respect and Jagermeister make for some fun nights of music in the Yukon. Hope to see you all out.
~That Guitar Guy~

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