*...It's A Small World After All...*

 This week I was in a small community in the Yukon called Ross River. I was there backing up a guy who was performing some music for the kids in the schools, and we did a small 3-school tour to 3 communities. It's a lot of driving through some pretty amazing scenery and all kinds of weather. So one morning, and morning is always way to early for someone on musician hours, I met this guy and somehow randomly we started talking about travel. It turns out he had lived right beside the hotel I played at in Shanghai and him and his wife would go there every Friday, and this was when I was playing there in the Pub. They knew all the people I worked for and with. Now, Shanghai is really big so that was a bit of a trip. The odds of meeting someone thousands of miles away from China in a small, remote community in the Yukon, who you had probably met before was crazy. Reminded me of the flip side, being in Oman, on a night off checking out the hot band down the street. I was wearing a Yukon brewing toque and the bassist saw it and commented he had been there. After a while we pieced together we had played the same music festival, and not only that, my band was right after his band. And the guitar players in both bands were childhood friends. Sometimes it really is a small world after all. I can't wait to get back out and travel and play music for new audiences. In the meantime, up to show number 69 of the year and paying my dues...

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