*...I Don't Want No Cocaine...*

 Decided to post this song from my recent Jazz in the Hall concert in Whitehorse! This one is darker in tone, mood and lyrics, but Whitehorse (and probably a lot of the world need to hear it). Seems to be as lot of people on heavy drugs right now...A week or two before this concert a friend of mine overdosed and died. He was a really good guitar player too, which made it even more sad. People are free to make their own decisions in life but some things are like tapdancing on a landmine, to quote Aerosmith. Hopefully one day all drugs will be legal, then people can decide what is good and what is bad freely. Cause when it's illegal is makes it more a cooler and badass thing to do. Legel would mean it was just normal and if it was really bad then people would see that more clearly. Or they would learn moderation. Anyway, check it out!

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