*...Hardest part of being in a band? Finding a name!...*

*...Thinking back on some of the bands/artists I've played with over the years, probably forgetting quite a few, and have probably forgotten more songs than most people will ever learn. This adds up to a lot of homework, but each band was pretty special and I learned something. And if I could go back I'd do it all over again. Playing music is the best...Check out these crazy band names (what's your favorite?): 
10 Guage, Solid Ox, Apollo, 867, CHS, The Kung Fu Aliens, Soul Migration, Hot Flash, Susie Ross, Nemesis, Frozen Bones, Aubrey Brandt Band, Blind Fire Destroyers, Jagermeister, Jurzza, Throwing Rocks, Stormin' Norman band, Fishead Stew, Claire Ness and the Gin Swings, Nicole Edwards Band, Bucks n Honey, Say No More, Leane Goose, Lana Rae, Rossi, Michael Brooks, Bingo Bongo Boogie Band, The Lore, Ben Mahony Band, Day of Rockening, King Swardfish/Petting Zoo, Ivan Zenovitch band, Average Joe, Novo trio, Ed White blues band, Retrospect, Art Napolean band, Niska Napolean, Pamyua, Marco Claveria, Becky and Brent Law, Ghana band, Chuck Charlebois band, Terri-Lynn Puckett band, Killer Dwarfs, Jamie Rowe, RadioStar, Louie Goose band, Hank Karr, the Canucks, Uncle Jahs Great Big Reggae Band, Kevin Barr, Jared Sowan, Silver Ravens, Sunday Night Jam Band, Roger Xavier band, noname polka band, Shagadelica, Barry Jack Jenkins band, Barbara Chamberlain, Steve Slade, The Recreational Hilbillies, Kuster's Last Band, Sierra Noble, Chantel Genier, Paramedic, The Jesus Project, The Roxx Hunter band, J-Roc, Godson, Roxine and the Cullets, Jeannie George, The Soviet Reunion, Chris Moir band, Tim Naylor band, Robbie MacKay band, Dave Haddock band, Gillies/Mitton/Burr/Powell/Bishop....*

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