For my fellow bass players...

Just saw this clip with Homer playing bass and it has every bass joke in the world in there. I remember my introduction to playing bass was when  no one else in this one band would play bass so I volunteered or was pushed into playing bass. My first realization as to what life as a bass player would be like was playing a big festival gig backing up this singer named Nicole Edwards, who I was doing a video shoot with this past  Monday. We played this big festival and the band was rocking. I get off stage to enjoy a beer and some guys standing beside me goes 'hey did you see that band that was just up, they were awesome...' I kinda said quietly 'I was in that band playing the bass...' And ever since then I've realized that while being the most important instrument, it's the most overlooked. So for all my fellow bassists out there. Groove on!

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