Feeling the Love...

Sitting here with my guitar 'Satch' putting new strings on it and listening to Heart (Stranded). Changing your own strings, while being time consuming and a pain in the ass with a floating bridge like this, is a great bonding time with your instrument. Had to teach earlier, had an interview for a college mag/paper, and a good hang with Cripps talking shop. Playing a big community event tonight in support of keeping our water clean and Soul Migration will be kicking off the music part of the night at 8:15. It's the perfect venue to play my song Give Me Water (It's the one song that's a guaranteed hit, just needs to be recorded in the studio). If you're there please film it. Then it's a bar gig and we get to really rock and turn up. Dragging out my big guitar rig so looking forward to playing tonight. Tired, horribly broke and I need a shave but happy. Warm thoughts to my bro and his wife watching Motley Crue tonight and Alice Cooper. \m/  ~Roxx~

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