*...Fallin' Forward Fast...*

Finished a string of shows this past weekend to big crowds and wanted to say thankful. Played the Blue Feather Music Festival at the Yukon Arts Centre with Will Pacaud, was on rhythm guitar. Felt good to be back on the big stage and it was recorded. The next night I was on stage singing and playing guitar for the Whitehorse Women's Hockey Jamboree, and playing to a room full of kick-ass women hockey players is so hard :)
Finished the weekend playing guitar with the Rubies for the Yukon Circus Society performance. Good to finally be a part of that band. 
This week, it's the 98 and next week it's the Whitewater Jam Feature and 98.

Appreciate the good words as of late and the fun shows. Here's a pic of myself, William, and Gary Bailie holding our picks of destiny!

Stay Woke Bro,

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