*...Don't Forget To Miss Me...*

 Sitting here working on this song for a student/friend. Figuring out open tuning songs by ear is not my forte and playing that alternating bass line is something I don't do a lot, so this is a good kick in the butt. Getting lots of calls and emails about lessons so if you're in the Yukon and wanna learn guitar or bass, or just music theory, let me know. Also, if you're out of town, we can always do Skype lessons. I have a good system and will get you playing, or playing better, in no time! And if you've not heard of Harry Manx check out his cover of Crazy Love by Van Morrison, or his amazing live shows with Kevin Breit, who is one of the most amazing guitarists, just like Harry. Met them at a festival I was working at, nice, down to earth guys.


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