*...Attitude For Gratitude...*

 We're so lucky to have the Jarvis Street Saloon in Whitehorse. It has the biggest dance floor, biggest stage, holds a lot of people, and when you play there you get Roly on sound and he's amazing. You can actually turn up your amps and really play. It's hard sometimes in smaller clubs to get into it cause it's so quiet. I hope everyone keep supporting live music and original music. I know it was a challenge after Debbie who's vision started it, passed away. Here's all the clubs like this all over the world that still hire bands!
 Special thanks to everyone who came out last night to the blues show. Thanks to Wayne and Cripps for making up an awesome trio! Special thanks to the cute brunette and blonde, for dancing and smiling, making my job the best in the world! Thanks to Gregory for the hang and John Lee and Barry 'Jack' Jenkins for gracing the stage...Check out the backdrop ; ) Gonna have a bigger, badder backdrop with lights coming soon. Off to a rehearsal then two shows on Sunday...
UNfaithfully Yours,


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