*...Aprils Showers...*

As April comes to a close and another May dawns...2 shows this week, amidst some tech work. Wednesday I'll be gracing the Whitewater Wednesday Jam in its new location at the Towne Club, as the feature act. Will be playing some new songs live and practicing my solo set. Saturday night at the Local Bar is the no theme party with Rick Sward, John Phelan, Katie Hunter, and Jamie Pickard. We play originals and covers spanning almost every genre from Jam band, Reggae, Blues, Ska, Swing, Oldies, Rock, Country, African, Jazz, Funk, Folk and more...Would be nice to see a good crowd there. They have the best stage in town. New lights and even smoke machines. Place is getting a cool vibe...Please be sure and check out my music and if it moves you be sure and take it home with you...Cheers from a dusty, brown Yukon.
~Roxxy Shazam~

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