*...All That Jazz...*

*...Late night writing a jazz song. Not my usual style but had this kind of feel going through my head, a slower 6/8 groove, which you'd really hear with a band behind it playing. It has augmented and diminished sevenths chords, tritone substitution and all that jazz. I wrote this song with a girl singer in mind (and a girl in mind ha). Wanted to throw up it up for you all to check out, even if it's rough and me singing it. The ending chord is nice too, a GMaj9(no3rd, add6). Now if you'll excuse me it's 4:30 am I should sleep, got lessons and then a gig at the Dirty with Rick (ya'll come out now ya here)...And the lyrics: 
"Darlin' If I should fall for you, there's no doubt, you're all that I'm dreaming about...Darlin' the thought of you makes me smile, I confess, to pure happiness, when I'm with you... 
I'd never mistreat you, if you were my world. I'd love and protect you, if only you were my girl... 
Darlin' I feel so close to you, this moment divine, your heart so close to mine...Your heart so close to mine...Your heart so close to mine..." 
Words/Music by Roxx Hunter. 
Copyright Roxx Hunter 2017. SOCAN...*

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