365 Leis a year...

 I was gonna make my first post of the new year all about how cool 2014 was with 206 shows, what you can expect this year (which by the way is gonna be big), but then I sat there today with my friend Robbie MacKay and listened to this singer and well none of what I was gonna say mattered so much; you'll hear all about my stuff soon enough. Today, take a moment and check out this talent. It's almost eerie how you can get the sense that someone has been around a lot longer than their birth records may say, call it an old soul or gentle spirit. This girl, when she sings, has been around a long time. When she sings, the way she holds her notes, her phrasing, her tone, it's perfect. Yet again God bless Norway! All the best in 2015, it's gonna rock a whole lot!  ~Roxx~

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