*...A-holes and Victims...*

 (Some creative writing, and purely fictitious)...Let's say hypothetically there were people who worked at job X (we will call them Allan and Andy Hole or the A Holes for short). Someone else works at job X (we will call him Victor Tim, or the Victim for short).

The A-holes are the bosses and they have only worked at job X for a short time. The Victim works under the bosses and has worked at job X for a long time.

Every day the Victim goes to work and does his job, a job he knows very well. Every day the A-holes go to work but don't wanna do their job, a job they don't know very well. The A-holes get paid very well and take many vacations. The Victim does not get paid very well and has to work much harder and longer.

 Every year that the Victim works for job X he gets paid a little more, as a sign of respect for being such a loyal employee. The A-holes, who already make more money, do not like that that each year they have to pay the Victim this extra amount, and they wish that this money was theirs for the taking. They try their best to get the Victim fired, by changing the rules at job X, almost daily, but the Victim is a good worker and does his job as he is supposed to do it.

 One day the Victim gets really sick, gravely sick. The A-holes notice this, and being bullies, they seize the moment and try to force the Victim from job X, where he has toiled for almost 15 years. The Victim is too weak to fight back, and so he loses his job at job X. The Victim now has no means to support himself, or his family, and also has to fight his illness. The A-holes are happy, but in all their holiness and sanctification, they forgot one small rule: for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction.

 The Victim has a friend we will call Adonis, who is like really cool, musical, a great writer, and a human being. Adonis saw what the A-holes did to the Victim and Adonis took notes.  Adonis, who is not dying, will be the first one to buy box seats in hell, so he can sip champagne while watching the A-holes burn, and Adonis will gladly help them get there quicker if they so desire...

 The moral of this story is that there are A-holes who pry on victims, and there are victims who are pried upon by a-holes. Sometimes these victims are too weak and too hurt to stand up for themselves, but victims have friends who come along, like Adonis, who stand up and call bullsh*t, who can almost 'taste the feeling' of justice being served, and who have noted all the wrongs. And wrongs sometimes have a way of being righted... Don't be an A-hole...hashtag mic drop...


Copyright Roxx Hunter 2018.

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