*...When Change Doesn't Change...*

 Parable time: Once there was a town full of people. The people in this town were all very different but they all called this place home. There was a big company in the town that, like it or not, influenced every day life.

  That company had been around as far back as people could remember, and in that time not much had changed in how the company ran. Every year the company lost more money, there was corruption, greed, broken promises, a complete waste of the resources and time of the people. Yet for some reason everyone continued to support this company, instead of finding a new company.

 This company had many different leaders who promised big things and big changes, but those words fell silent as time passed. The people in power liked being in power, and would never change the company too much, for fear the townsfolk would realize how bad the company was and how much it was not needed. If the townsfolk had common sense and compassion, practiced the golden rule, and were generally content, the company would cease to be relevant. All the seemingly important company people would fade into oblivion.

 Somehow people were programmed to continue to 'do their part' and support a failed company, that grew deeper and deeper into disarray and debt every year, and those who thought otherwise were condemned publicly. People were scolded for not exercising the right to support the company, that many had fought for, the same company the screwed over the ones who had done the fighting. They fought for a future that was nothing like the future the current company brought to the table.

 The company liked the townsfolk divided and distracted. Forgetting that they ALL called this town home, that they ALL belonged to that town, and that they ALL could work together for a better future, without the present company. But people, being people, kept supporting the same broken company under the guise and false belief that real change would happen in that company, and so nothing really changed much, except who people were complaining about til the next leader of the company took over, and the wheel kept spinning round and round...

Copyright Roxx Hunter 2019.

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