*...The Story Of A Day Called Monday...*

Once upon time there was a man named Father Time. Father Time had a very important job and that was to make sure everything in the world was in order. In short, his job was to manage and maintain time. If there was no time then people would never know when to meet each other and discuss the days events, alas there would be no days to discuss; the world would be in quite a sorry state. This was a very important job and one that Father Time took very seriously. 

Father Time had a very beautiful and pleasant wife named Mother Nature. She was a loving, yet stern woman who made sure the world was as it should be in a motherly sort of way. Every day she made sure the sun would shine down and gently kiss the flowers and the trees. She would make the rain fall to water the fields of the farmers, and the winds blow to sail ships across the mighty seas. Together, Father Time and Mother Nature worked very hard to make the world a place just right for people like you and me. 

Mother Nature and Father Time had six wonderful children. There was Sunday who, although being rather lazy, was older and generally the one child that all the others followed. There were Tuesday and Thursday, average children who never did anything quite spectacular but were always following Sunday around. Wednesday was a unique child. Wednesday was a middle child and was known to be quite amorous. Wednesday could be fun to be around or Wednesday could be long and tiring. Friday was a young, well-loved day. Although never too far from Sunday's watchful eye, Friday was known to be the life of the party and generally got everyone around excited. If people had a lot of fun hanging out with Friday then they didn't always like hanging out with the last of the children which was Saturday. Saturday was known to enjoy relaxing, fixing things around the house, camping and just doing whatever happened to tickle its fancy. 

Mother Nature and Father Nature loved their children very much and gave them a chore of dividing up time for the people here on earth. Every twenty-four hours a child would start their day, making sure the people of Earth were going about their business as usual, and that day would continue until the next child came on twenty-four hours later. And that is how we got our days of the week. 

People of the earth were very happy to have these days and it made life a lot easier. They could now have certain days to work, certain days to play in the park, certain days to build great, shiny things and certain days to do nothing at all. Life ran smoothly and in order just as Father Time and Mother Nature had intended. 

One day something unexpected happened...Mother Nature was growing old and so was Father Time. They had gray hair and wrinkles on their faces. It came as a big surprise to both of them to find out that they would be having another child. "Whatever shall we do?" said Father Time. "We are growing old and what work is there for another child in this world?" 

Time passed quickly, even for the man who controlled it, and soon enough Mother Nature and Father Time had welcomed another child. This new child they called Monday. Monday was not like its siblings. Monday was stubborn and did things that did not make sense to Mother Nature and Father Time. As time had passed, the earth had become full of even more people, and so both parents were busy with their jobs of making the world go round. Now they had to decide what to do with this problem child called Monday and if they would make it another day of the week. 

Would the people of earth want another day? Could Monday be a day of rest or would it be a day of work? Would it be a day of fun or were Friday and Saturday all the fun people of earth needed? After much thought it was decided to put Monday between Sunday and Tuesday so that Sunday could keep an ever watchful eye on Monday, for Monday had a spirit of mischief. 

At first the people of the earth welcomed Monday. Instead of six days, their week would now be seven days long. It seemed like an extra day would mean more time for work, more time for play, and in general would make the people of earth happier. 

This fairy tale was short lived, as Monday showed its true colors very quickly. Monday was the day when the people of earth returned from adventures, from playing in fields of grass, and in parks, from climbing high mountains and paddling mighty rivers, from relaxing and being with the people they loved, to start another long week of work. Monday would never be what the people of earth wanted it to be, and was always playing tricks on them, and making life harder. When Father Time wasn't looking, or was napping, Monday would make the day last just a little bit longer, and was seldom caught. As the time passed Monday became more and more difficult and unloved. People of earth began to not like Mondays at all. Father Time and Mother Nature knew that Monday was not a happy day for the people of earth, but there was nothing they could do. And so, Monday stayed between Sunday (the day of rest) and Tuesday (a very plain but consistent day, that was neither good nor bad) and that is how Monday came to be the longest and least favorite day of the week. 

Copyright Roxx Hunter 2018.

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