*...An Anonymous Story...*

 I have a friend who we'll call Anonymous. She can be your mother, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, grandma, or friend. She could be the person you pass by on the street, the person who serves you coffee with a smile, or someone you talk to when things seem down. She could encourage you, support you, and show you the deepest of love. She could be a stranger, or she could be you. But, if you only knew... 

Anonymous has scars and secrets. Pain buried so deep, and a hurting that follows her every waking moment, like a shadow. 

Anonymous trusted a man who betrayed that trust. A broken man who broke her. A hurt man who hurt her, emotionally and physically. Her body bruised and handled, his toxic words poisoning her to her very core. 

She was a beautiful woman, the giver of life, someone whose very essence shined as brightly as the sun in the sky above. She saw the good in everyone, and looked past the jagged edges. When she gave, she gave of herself freely, and fully, and without judgement. For in her was the very purest love. 

If she committed a crime, that crime was loving too much. If she was guilty of anything, it was thinking, for even the briefest of moments, that she wasn't good enough. She was good enough. She was everything and all things. And she still is!... 

The tears she cried, the sleepless nights, the unspoken prayers, the questions why, none of it was in vain. For though she was made low, she will rise again! Her story is not over, and there are pages yet to be written. 

The men who hurt her, and sought to destroy her, where are their fellow men? Where are the ones who will stand up, who won't turn a blind eye? Where are the men who will push back when push comes to shove, and do what is right? Where are the ones who will lead by example, the men who know that no means no? Where are the men who will look out for their fellow men and their fellow women? How did we get to a place where the story of anonymous pain is a story we know so well? Why is it that such evil exists? 

For an anonymous friend, I say so humbly, sorry. Sorry that I wasn't there to stop it. Sorry I didn't know this man who did that to you. Sorry that every day you fight to merely exist. Sorry for the daily triggers and reminders of such a dark time. And sorry for your lack of faith, because you had to walk through that valley alone. 

May this anonymous story be one day, only yesterday. And maybe tomorrow, bring new beginnings and healing. Know that you are loved from afar, from behind cheering you on, and from beside you, walking with you as an ally, and a hand to steady you when the road is rocky. May your love light shine brighter than any star, and may you fly to the angels.    Copyright Roxx Hunter 2019.

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