*...For Someone Special (When You're Having A Bad Day)...*

 When I think about you I think about hope, how I hope certain things for you.

For instance, I hope you live a very long life and that you outlive everyone you know. I hope that as the years pass on that each and everyone that you know and care about all die before you. I hope that as you stand at the last funeral of the last person you know that you really feel true loneliness and true emptiness. 

 I pray that with each breath you embrace more sorrow and more sadness. As the years roll on I pray you become more and more alone. I pray that one day bleeds into the next and that every day is an empty and shallow existence. I pray you sit alone and wait for death but it never comes. I pray that you live forever while the rest of us fade to dust and that dust fades to nothingness. I pray you live on as the sun dies out and cosmos drift away into eternal darkness... 

Copyright Roxx Hunter 2018.

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