*...Standin' Up For My Roxxy...*

 Busy week, played jazz bass for a big Sport Yukon event to a packed house at the KDCC. Then a crazy jam with Rick, Momo and Emmanuel (best rhythm section ever). Then played worked a conference on diversity and inclusion, as well as playing jazz bass for Parker Thomas Jazz and multiple Grammy winner Jessica Mbangeni and African bass for multiple Juno award winner Alpha YaYa Diallo. Thursday night was playing for Special Olympics with African Music Award winner Alex Kajumulo. The weekend was helping with the sound and playing for the 11th annual Yukon African music festival. I played bass for Parker Thomas Jazz and Dena Zagi. Then played guitar for my friend Maju Maju (double Grammy winner), producer Leonard Boniface, Rick Sward, rapper Ndidi Cascade, and Alex. Was fun playing with the rhythm section of Brian Quaye, Momo and Emmanual Pele.

 Now prepping for a show tonight at the Local Bar with Alpha, Jessica, Leonard, Rick and others…Friday playing the Rendezvous stage with Rick, the 98 Friday night with Thin Ice, and Saturday afternoon on the Rendezvous stage with Parker Thomas Jazz.


Send prayers, as I've been binge watching Jersey Shore.




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