*...As We Sail Into Alaska...*

 Back from conquering the mighty Alaska and Yukon mosquitoes and roads, both of which are very perilous and sucky sometimes. Alaskan and Yukon tour was busy, lots of shows and driving, but some really cool crowds. Chickenstock was amazing as always (thanks to Josea and Anthony and the flock), special shoutouts to Ed and Andrea and K. McCarthy was a blast and the sun shone for a hot minute (thanks Neil and BMac). Fairbanks was a bust financially but fun in every other way, thanks to the Marlin, Goldie's, the amazing Dave Parks, Brady and Dan for rounding out the band. And Special shout out to the Wolf's Den in Tok, we'll be back for sure!

 Shows coming up this week and lessons. Getting back into the grind.

Thank God for Thermacells!

Roxxy Roller

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