*...Hello I'm Johnny Nash...*

Thanks to my guitar teacher/friend/mentor Robbie Mackay for gifting me this wonderful Nash guitar! I really don't feel worthy of something so nice. I've been sitting here on my bed getting acquainted with this guitar and trying to find its vibe. I believe if you sit long enough with a guitar that it will show you what it wants to play, and that your fingers just go there and it comes out. 

This guitar has a John Frusciante/Chili Peppers/Hendrix vibe, so I will do my best to bring that out in the originals I write on it, and in the covers I learn on it. And I am gonna learn a ton of Beatles on the guitar. 

My deepest and most sincere prayers for the people of the Ukraine right now Really wish the rest of the world would step in and stop the war!

Roxx Hunter Looking into Camera holding light blue electric guitar

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