*...The War Machine Keeps Turning...*

Added a bunch of shows on here and will either be live streaming them or recording them and posting them at a later date. One of the shows is a live radio show, The Rockdown Lockdown with Rixxx & Roxx. So you can check out the details and tune in and listen live from anywhere around the world. Things are pretty much shut down here and really miss my career. Nice to see other parts of the world opening up. Scary times with Russia wanting to take back their former USSR territories and China wanting Taiwan and other south sea countries. We've been through enough these last few years and the last thing we need is a big fucking war. Got a bunch more shows to add and at one of them we'll be playing War Pigs, cause there is no greater/more fitting song than that. If a politician is so hungry to fight, go to the local gym and take MMA classes or martial arts. Want more power, then they need to learn humility. If they feel like they are lacking resources another country has, maybe look inward at all we waste every day. We should use everything we take and build things to last. And a lot of people need to start using condoms! :) Hoping for more peaceful days ahead.


Night Time Bridge

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