*...You Always Remember Your First...*

 Was in Dawson City last weekend with Shagadelica for Disco Days (this long weekend here in the Yukon). Most the people here end up going to Dawson to let their hair down, one last hurrah before fall/winter. We worked out a few cobwebs on stage the first night as it had been a while since we've played a full night, but then the second night was magical. I am really glad they let me play the rock star part and play the big solos. These songs have a lot of parts. Was nice just being up in Dawson and breathing in the air. The highlight for me, was walking up the slanted stairs of our legendary hotel, and the sloped floors, to my hotel room. Hearing a voice of my friend Donald, who was the singer in my first ever garage band. I walked in and he gave me a big hug. Some of my best memories were sitting around every night with guitar and a drum pad, playing songs. We'd do this for hours and hours every night, people would stop by and listen. His voice was a little scratchy from day drinking and not warmed up, but as I played I still heard his wonderful voice come through. He was the first singer In ever saw on stage, just feeling the music, eyes closed, grooving, a big smile. We've been friends ever since...

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