*...The Story Of A Town Far Away...*

 Once upon time there was a town full of people, in a far away place. The town was not that big, neither was it really that small. As towns go, it was quite the perfect size. The town was full of people, young and old, of dogs and cats, and houses of all shapes, sizes, and colors. People in that town far away were generally happy, and it was a good place to be. 


*...The Story Of A Day Called Monday...*

Once upon time there was a man named Father Time. Father Time had a very important job and that was to make sure everything in the world was in order. In short, his job was to manage and maintain time. If there was no time then people would never know when to meet each other and discuss the days events, alas there would be no days to discuss; the world would be in quite a sorry state. This was a very important job and one that Father Time took very seriously. 

Father Time had a very beautiful and pleasant wife named Mother Nature. She was a loving, yet stern woman who made sure the world was as it should be in a motherly sort of way. Every day she made sure the sun would shine down and gently kiss the flowers and the trees. She would make the rain fall to water the fields of the farmers, and the winds blow to sail ships across the mighty seas. Together, Father Time and Mother Nature worked very hard to make the world a place just right for people like you and me. 


*...The Photograph...*

The image looked so perfect in my hands, glossy, vibrant and full of life. The clock on the wall to my right said 8:59pm. For a moment time stood still, and then it continued.


*...If I Must Carry These Scars...*

If I must carry these scars with me till my body is dust, and till my life has long ended, then I pray for strength, and dignity, while I remain...

Copyright Roxx Hunter 2018.


*...Outta Sight, Outta Mind...*

How do people who love you know who you are to love? How do people who hate you know who you are to hate? Of all the thousands of sights, smells, thoughts and ideas that their brain is bombarded with daily how do you stand out? What makes them remember you and what makes them think about you? 


*...Unskinny MmmBop...*

*...So about a year ago I was asked by a friend of mine named Justin to play a guitar solo on a song he was recording for a double album by his band Liberty n Justice.