Tossing my hat in the ring...

My favorite jam night is one where I'm alone in my teaching room/studio jamming alone. I don't have to worry about looking cool or not making mistakes, I can play and even make weird guitar faces that mean I am…Read more

Give Me Water...

Playing a song you wrote at a big event to help keep our land and water clean and everyone is dancing, clapping and singing along is a very, very powerful moment, especially when it's for the right reasons. As a…Read more

Feeling the Love...

Sitting here with my guitar 'Satch' putting new strings on it and listening to Heart (Stranded). Changing your own strings, while being time consuming and a pain in the ass with a floating bridge like this, is a great bonding…Read more

Roxx Hunter Live This Week

Roxx Hunter's "Don't Care About Nuthin' " World Tour continues this week in Whitehorse. Show #185 is Thursday from 6-9pm at Tony's Pizza. It's Roxx Hunter and Izaak Lazeo-Fairman, unplugged and playing all your favorites. Show #186 is at the…Read more