*...There's A Hole In My Neck...*

Not much to say, had an amazingly busy run of shows the last few weeks, criss-crossing the north! Most were sold out and the busiest I've ever seen these venues in my life. So that was good, some real magic. Survived my brush with a weed volcano en route to a very old village along a river called Champagne. There was swinging, moving, grooving, and lots of people happy to be dancing in the streets again. Also, had an amazing time recording for my friend Rick's album. His soon-to-be hit song called Crackhouse Burndown, the Yukon's unofficial anthem. It's sounding pretty damn tight...The big news is last week I went in and was put under for a few hours, for another surgery on my neck. Still dealing with cancer BS, but this should hopefully keep it far away for quite a while. My voice seems stronger than last time but overall it's kicking my ass...so laying low and rewatching classic movies like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Star Wars, Bond Movies, and etc, and sleeping a lot. Apologies for the lack of updates, feelin' like shit. Have lots of gigs in the horizon but that's to be determined on what my body says. Will be out rocking soon enough...
Keep It In The Pocket (like Charlie Watts),

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