*...Just Another Manic Monday...*

Fall is falling, the days are getting shorter, they're expecting record lows...The wind is blowin' cold, and winter has moved in...Another long, dark spell is upon the Yukon. Still, despite the Covid craziness, shows are still happening in some ways. Monday has a new music event called the Manic Monday Jam! Not so much a jam, where random people get up and play, but selected musicians who all know the songs ahead of time get up and jam. Last week, I played guitar and was fun to flex my muscle on 60's and 70's rock and even some Dead. This week, I'll be on bass. Rounding out the band is the amazing Delmar Washington on drums, who went to PIT back in the day. JP Erickson on Guitar who went to MI back in the day, Hal Jordan on Guitar and Vocals, and special guest Kim Rogers on Vocals. 6-8pm and no cover. Will try my best to get some footage and pics!
Snow Worries,


Fat Guy with Band. I love you

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