*...I Need A Jambi...*

Been a minute...Wrapped up filming of my solo, 1 hour set for a music festival, complete with production team, 3 cameras, and me with 3 guitars (Classical, Acoustic, and Electric). Hoping that makes the light of day. Always good to shake up a folk festival with some heavy unplugged rock that deals with the darker side of life. I started off with some of the more Global music, inspired by my world travels, then brought it heavy and ended with a long bluesy rock crescendo. Fingers crossed it makes the grade.
This past week I was set to hit the road and put some more miles on my guitar and wheels, and play 2 solo shows, but that was cancelled nearly last minute as there was a Covid outbreak. So that was a gut punch to the wallet and spirits. Normally the show always goes on, but these are special times. 4 shows this week, and hoping they roll on, roll on...
 Also be sure and check out the music on here and on YouTube. If you dig it, help out, by sharing it...Speaking of sharing, thanks for sharing your time with me and be good to each other...I'll share this amazing Chickenfoot concert with you...Enjoy!

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